From Garbage to Masterpiece!


Toilet Paper Roll Wall Decoration Uh-oh!  I stumbled onto another addicting website tonight.  No, it's not Pinterest. :-) But all you Pinterest addicts might want to take note! You have to take a break SOME time. So you might want to check this out too. It's called and features things that people have made from ... Continue Reading

Chicken Casserole & Creamed Corn

Chicken Casserole 21

It's your lucky day! Your reward for stopping by today is not ONE....but TWO delicious recipes! Well, at least WE think they are delicious! As a matter of fact...they are two of our family's FAVORITE dishes! In honor of my mother-in-law coming to visit from North Dakota...I'm sharing HER recipe for Chicken Casserole. I've ... Continue Reading

Wash Your Face With Oil….I Dare You!

Let's try this again...shall we? Despite being distracted by the couch-burning episode yesterday...I'm still excited to talk about Washing Your Face With Oil.  (I have moved all couches out of the vicinity...just in case!) So let's see where were we? Oh yes...washing your face with oil. Sounds like it makes about as much ... Continue Reading

How To Darn Socks AND Couches


You know the saying...."no good deed goes unpunished"?  I'd really like to know where that came from...because sometimes it sure seems to be right on the money! Which is why instead of extolling the virtues of "Cleaning Your Face With Oil" in tonight's post (I know, sounds crazy! But now you're going to have to wait to ... Continue Reading

Leftover {Prime Rib} Carne Asada & Pico de Gallo

carne asada

...and Jillee's Pico de Gallo! Are You Kidding???   Who has LEFTOVER Prime Rib? Well, we RARELY do...but this year we had JUST ENOUGH to extend the deliciousness of the meat into another meal. A couple of weeks ago I shared my Foolproof Prime Rib "recipe" (and the rest of our traditional Christmas Eve menu). Well guess ... Continue Reading

Homemade Carpet Stain Remover…NO Scrubbing Needed!


OK...I realize it's Christmas Eve...and I really should be posting something about food or parties or family or...I don't know...something FESTIVE!  If that's what you were expecting to read about apologies. I'm just too excited about my new carpet cleaning discovery that I simply HAD to post this...TODAY. :-) It ... Continue Reading