In my spare time……

……I have decided to start a new blog.  (Those closest to me are laughing hysterically right now.)

 OK…I don’t really HAVE any spare time….but as the saying goes…we seem to MAKE time for the things we love.  And I love sharing the good things I find in my “travels” each day.  So…I might have to get out my wand and conjure up some spare time…but this is something I just can’t seem to get out of my head…so I’m going for it.

So here it is….the very first ever “One Good Thing By Jillee”…hopefully to be followed by many, many more. :-)

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Remember that funny thing your little boy said last week when you were sitting in the Dr’s office waiting room?  It was hilarious!  Wasn’t it? Remember how you were trying really hard not to bust out laughing in front of all the sick people?  What WAS it he said????  It was SOOO funny!  Shoot….I can’t remember.  But it was really funny!

Sound familiar?  I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself in this situation wishing I had written it down!

Introducing the “Jar of Memories” via

Grab one of those mason jars gathering dust in the garage…plop it on the kitchen counter or on your desk, and when the kidlets says something priceless (or when ANYTHING happens worthy of remembering), grab a piece of scrap paper (seriously….whatever is lying around!) and jot it down!  Stuff it in the jar…and you’re done!  What you will do with all those pieces of paper….well….that’s for another “one good thing” day.  I’m sure we’ll come up with something!   :-)



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  1. says

    Helpful information. Lucky me I discovered your site unintentionally, and I am surprised why this coincidence didn’t took place in advance!
    I bookmarked it.

  2. says

    Okay I’m gonna ask. Did you go out and Babble Fish that last comment? I got one in Russian and I’m not sure what web site allows an American to go get a Russian translation without a visit by those guys in suits. *sigh*

    Now this is your first blog entry. Comments here I can see are clear, not written in ASCII, and even the French one looks like it would translate over well. Hm. Moving on now – oh and nice tip.

  3. says

    Para mi es realmente complicado dejar un comentario porque no hablo inglés.
    Pero decirte que llevo toda la tarde de hoy en tu blog y me ha encantado.
    A pesar de las dificultades del idioma (con traductor, claro!) explicas las cosas de una manera divertida y muy amena.
    Y principalmente darte las GRACIAS POR COMPARTIR

    Se nota claramente que disfrutas de todos y de cada una de tus entradas.
    También he leído el ABOUT ME….sorprendente la sencillez con la que lo explicas.

    Sin más, enviarte un abrazo fuerte, desearte lo mejor y volver a darte las GRACIAS POR COMPARTIR….ha sido un agradable descubrimiento a pesar de las dificultades del idioma


  4. Kasey says

    Wow. I just got caught up in your blog and here I am – 63 pages later.

    Your blog is simply amazing and you have inspired me to start one of my own. soon. once i’ve made all of the recipies you have posted :)

    keep it up, you have done an amazing job.

  5. says

    I have stumbled upon some pins from your website on Pinterest. I would repin, thinking I’ll get to that…later, you know the thought??!! They all seemed so simple and easy. Your stories so real and personal. This has happened several times over the past few months. I have tried a few, baby steps ;)…As I am sure so many of your readers do, I lead a crazy busy life as a working mother and wife, who wants to be the best at everything I do…LOL…knowing that is completely impossible…which is why I am forever in the doctor’s office…HaHa. Nevertheless, I wanted you to know your “One Good Thing” has become completely infectious! It has infiltraed many lives of those you will never know. I was talking to a lady about it in Walmart two weeks ago referring to laundry detergent and again yesterday about finding the happy moments with our adolescent sons (in Southwest Louisiana). Who would have thought so much could be affected simply by having someone find the one good thing, whatever it is, in a day??!!! This same jar sits on our kitchen counter to hold a positive moment from each day for each member of our house! Thanks Jillee, I hope you continue to have many days filled with many Good Things!!

    • says

      Wow. Thank you so much for taking time to write this Stephanie. This means a LOT! I am constantly amazed at what a wonderful blessing this blog has turned out to be! Mostly for ME….but when I hear how it helps others….I am truly happy and humbled! :-) Thank you again!