Adding "Computer Repair Technician" to my resume!

desktopI still can’t believe I did this. (OK…my 15 year old son helped. Actually he takes full credit…but you and I know the truth!) :-)

This is our lovely Dell Dimension E510 desktop computer (I am so familiar with this thing now, I didn’t even have to look that up!) that we purchased new 5 years ago. It leaves a lot to be desired as far as computers go….but with 4 other laptops in the house…we don’t really “need” this computer anymore except when the boys want to watch YouTube videos. It’s still nice to have a computer with a monitor set up right in the middle of the house for anyone to see. I think you know what I mean. :-)

Anyway….about a week ago it decided to protest being literally ignored since we bought it and refused to turn on. ugh. I hate computer issues. Who doesn’t!?!? They NEVER happen at a convenient time…not that there ever IS a convenient time for your computer to stop working.

I knew I didn’t want to replace the computer, since it really is only used for jumping on the internet. But I was pretty sure it wasn’t worth taking to a professional to be fixed. Dilemma!

I decided to turn to my trusty friend Google.

After a few hours of perusing computer forums…I decided I had diagnosed the problem. Power supply failure. (are you impressed? Just wait…it gets better!) A little more research and I had figured out the exact part I needed to replace and ordered it online for $35 including shipping! Keep in mind I have NEVER fixed ANYTHING on a computer EVER before in my life! lol! What made me think I could do this….I have no idea. Must be all the D.I.Y. stuff I’ve been posting lately. :-)

Long story short…..the part came in the mail last Friday. My lovable but IMPATIENT son Kell could not WAIT to dive in and fix the computer! I begged him to wait til I could help him….but he insisted he could do it!

I convinced him to at least take a couple of pictures BEFORE he unhooked everything…just so we would have SOME idea where to re-hook everything up. Here is what the guts of our computer looks like. (This is AFTER we vacuumed POUNDS of dust out of it! I’m guessing the computer did not like all that dust and that’s why it decided to stop working).

So Kell proceeds to whip the old PSU out (power supply unit for us geeks) and hooks up the new one. TADA!!!!! We have POWER! Computer starts right up! Small problem….now the monitor won’t work. :-/ Since it worked perfectly before, I’m pretty sure we have just missed some connection, somewhere. But after a couple hours of “troubleshooting”, we still were not in business.

Call it the exuberance of youth, but just as I was ready to throw in the towel, Kell decides to take the new PSU out….put the old one back in….take the old one out AGAIN…then RE-connect the new PSU….again. Makes no sense….right?? That’s what I thought! Wouldn’t you know the computer AND monitor started right up and we’ve been back in business ever since!!

Now….this may seem like a lot of words to write about something pretty minor….but to us it was HUGE! Well, to me at least. There was a time not so long ago when attempting something like this would have been unthinkable. *I’M* not a computer repair person! What makes me think I can fix a COMPUTER??? Well, along those same lines….what makes me think I can make my own laundry detergent? What makes me think I can become a gluten-free chef? What makes me think I can start a website….or two!?

This quote sums it up for me………


It’s about believing and DOING. Something I think we can apply to pretty much every aspect of our lives and something I’ve been working on….pretty much my entire life.

Thankfully, as I get older…it’s getting easier.  :-)

(Oh…and I can’t forget my good friend Google.  What DID we do before it came along?)


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  1. CTY says

    Similar story with DH’s lap top. Naturally, his unit was top of the line and very expensive. Well the hinge broke–somehow. Who knows. So he was perusing new lap tops; I really did not want to put out that chunk of money again so novice that I am I went on line. In the Google search line I typed buy Make & model description hinge. Bam instant hit in under 5 seconds. Found the part for under $15 including shipping. DH was skeptical– but it came in 3 days all the way from Singapore. It fit and worked– that was about 3 years ago and is still working! Between DH and both sons there isn’t much unknown about computers– but I taught them all something.

  2. Kit says

    It’ amazing what you can do with our friend, Google. My Dell netbook’s harddrive decided to die one month out of warranty [it cost me $90 for a computer tech to tell me it was the HD]. The tech quoted me over $400 to get a new HD and replace it, considering the netbook cost $500 I wan’t about to fork out that kinda money. So I asked Google. $80 for a new harddrive and half an hour of my time [would be quicker with all the right tools ie. mini screwdrivers etc.] and the netbook is fixed. Obviously you can’t retrieve all of your data but luckily I’d just backed it up a couple of days before. You CAN do anything you put your mind to.

  3. LANELL says

    My computer had not yet stopped but was making serious "groaning noises" and would freeze up a lot! Like you I seldom use it and do most things on my laptop. I decided to not replace anything but to take it apart and dust inside…..OMG It was horrible…no wonder the poor thing was groaning and moaning, it was being suffocated by dust bunnies! Now all nice and clean, no more freeze ups! Thanks again for another great tip!