D.I.Y. Burp Cloths (a.k.a. Puke Rags)

This is probably one of my favorite D.I.Y. “tutorials” ever!  And I use the term “tutorial” lightly because that really seems too formal for this.

Emily at Jones Design Company  has described this project from start to finish in 10 simple steps, with great, self-explanatory pictures. Even the D.I.Y.-challenged like me can understand!

I can’t wait to make a whole STACK of these for baby gifts!  And I am KICKING myself I didn’t think of this when my “babies” were babies….(and puking up all over the place!)

Here is where you can go to get the incredibly well done step-by-step instructions:


Here it is in a pictorial nutshell………

Finished product!

I love the fabrics she has chosen, they look so great all piled up together.  And the little label she has sewn on is the perfect finishing touch.

Thanks emily!

This idea AND the brilliant way you explained how to do it are DEFINITELY…..


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  1. Jill Lee says

    I just made these and took them over to donate to my local pregnancy center. The ladies that work there ABSOLUTELY loved them and thought they were such a great idea and they had never seen them before. ( It surprises me that no one really makes burp cloths with towels/terry cloth, makes sense to me) They don’t make requests about what is donated because they take what they can get, but I was asked if I could make some more of those as they felt they would go VERY quickly. Super excited!!

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