D.I.Y. for the D.I.Y. Challenged…like myself!

I don’t mean to whine….I mean I’ve been blessed with many wonderful gifts….with a few exceptions. :-)

I can’t draw (Oh how I wish I could!!!!) and I’m not the “craftiest” person on the block.  Don’t get me wrong….I LOVE crafts!!  I admire the crafty!  I will even suspend reality long enough to pretend I AM crafty and attempt the occasional D.I.Y. project.  But no matter how much I wish it to be…it’s just not my forte`.
That’s ok though!  There are soooooooooooooooo many uber crafty women (and men) out there who take pity on the D.I.Y. – challenged and make some super cool projects easy enough even for me!
Take for example….the D.I.Y. “Designer” Bathroom Mirror!
Emily Louise over at thesitsgirls.com made it for just $18 bucks!
In just over 300 words (314 to be precise…yep, I counted) & 10 photographs…she describes what I think is a very savvy project worthy of the most gifted DIY’ers and made me feel like even *I* could do this!  And I’m going to!   For I too have been “blessed” with those cemented-on  “builders special” mirrors in my bathrooms that are just crying out for a facelift!
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  1. says

    I thoroughly enjoy your site! I know DIY for some can seem overwhelming, however, once one project is complete, others do seem easier and easier! Thank you for this post!

  2. Cheryl says

    I live in Minnesota and I am looking for the DIY on a solution I can make to put out on my steps so it doesn’t freeze over with ice and snow. I thought I had it but some how it is gone from my DIY on pinterest can you please help me? I very much enjoy your site it is fantastic.
    Thank You