Bed In A Bag!

bed in a bag 4

I blame  First I blame Second Story Window for INTRODUCING me to Pinterest…then I blame all the talented, amazing people who post stuff on Pinterest…then I blame Pinterest itself for creating such an addictive, but wonderful, website! is basically an online “bulletin board” of sorts where you can “pin” pictures of all your favorite things!  One of the things that I can’t seem to get enough of is all the brilliant and creative do-it-yourself  projects that people post!

Last week I ran across this gem! It’s called “Bed in a Bag” and it sells on this website for 90 pounds in the UK or roughly $144.00 US dollars! As you can see…it’s basically 5 pillowcases sewn together with pillows stuffed inside!

I decided to attempt to make my own (ATTEMPT being the operative word, because I haven’t touched my sewing machine in EONS and because DIY is not necessarily my forte`…but I am quickly developing an obsession with it.)

Here is MY version of the $144 Bed-In-A-Bag for roughly $12.50!!!
bed in a bag 2
bed in a bag 3

I bought the pillowcases at our neighborhood Thrift Store for .50 cents each and the pillows at the Dollar Store for $5 each.  (I already had two pillows at home laying around I wasn’t using).  It was surprisingly EASY and AFFORDABLE and FUN to do!  It probably took me about an hour from start to finish. I can’t wait to make more! My kids are already putting in requests.     :-))))

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My nephew Jed turned 6 yesterday so I decided to make him one for his birthday. I used 2 red Ralph Lauren pillowcases made out of a soft jersey material…and two navy blue cotton pillowcases.  .50 cents each from the thrift store!

Here is a picture my sister sent me of him fast asleep on his “present” last night. :-)   I have to say that made my day!!!  And I would also have to say….that is “One Good Thing“. :-)

bed in a bag

The one I made for Jed is blue and red. I forgot to take a picture of the whole thing laid out before I gave it to him. What can I say? I was way excited!

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  1. Jack's mommy says

    Love this idea. Goung to try and do this for him and his cousin for when they sleepover at Grandmas house.

  2. Joyce says

    Might try this with my grandbabies, I can add pillows as they grow :) they like to “camp out” in the den on the floor when they stay over

  3. Kim says

    I have been wanting to do this, I saw them on Pinterest ( love ) I have 2 little girls that come stay with me sometimes and these would be great for them.. thanks for sharing <3

  4. Samantha says

    Absolutely LOVE it! My daughter needs one for preschool and I’ve been having a hard time shelling out the money for one, knowing there had to be some way to send one of something we have at home. I’m excited to make this and will take one of the cases to the local embroidery person to have her name sewn in!

  5. Tracey says

    Ok…this is a fabulous idea!! I want to say that if you want the “bed” to be the same fabric pattern you could also use a BED SHEET….who doesn’t have an extra Twin Sheet laying around the house….this would be perfect to REUSE it….just lay the pillows on one side, and mark the edges, then fold the sheet over and sew inbetween where the pillows would fit and then stuff them in and finish!!!!!! Such a cute idea and now I’m sad I just got rid of a ton of twin sheets cause I don’t have a bed to fit them!!! =(

  6. Lisa C says

    VERY COOL idea. and if you close the pillow cases with KAM Snaps, you can just open them, pull the pillows out and throw the sewn cases in the wash when needed. I can see making these for my grandchildren !! Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas !!!

  7. says

    ok yep. your a genius. I have been wanting to make one of these for my son for a while but didn’t want to dish out the money to buy 3-4 yards of fabric and then have to figure out how to sew it together so I could remove it to wash. This is so much easier! Thank you!

  8. Anonymous says

    Wow, great idea. My grandkids are always playing with all the cushions off the couches so this would be ideal. Mmmm maybe I had better get sewing. Certainly have plenty of pillow slips but not the nice bright colours.