Maybe it’s just me…

Or does ANYONE else find this trend in newborn photography disturbing?

I mean really….how often do you see a baby hanging from a tree or sleeping inside a bucket? I think the thing that bothers me the most is the strange positions these completely unaware little people are put in. I mean how would YOU like it? :-)  One of these days they are SURE to need therapy!!!
That being said…here are some of my absolute FAVORITE shots of little ones!  Some incredibly beautiful captures by some incredibly talented photographers is my “One Good Thing” for today.



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  1. says

    I have seen newborn/baby sessions done improperly and they are incredibly dangerous. However our photographer specializes in newborn photography and knows exactly how to keep a baby safe. If a photog suggests that the baby actually hang in the air in one of these wraps, or be propped up on something, you should take your baby elsewhere. Let common sense prevail. Photos like these are done with the baby actually resting on a safe surface and/or with someone holding the baby (more than one photo is taken with the person hloding in different places) – these details are removed during the editing process with photoshop. If you wouldnt put your baby in a position normally then you shoudnt do it for a photo op. And if your photog is suggesting you do, you picked the wrong one.

  2. Kayleen says

    I agree if not done carefully, there is a danger factor. However, I have seen the behind the scenes shots of a photography session like this and it was 5 people to photograph one little newborn. One of the people was on the floor under the baby, out of the shot, to catch the baby if she were to jerk or fall. As a parent you really have to think about the possible dangers and determine if the proper safety precautions are taken.

  3. Whitney says

    This isn’t really dangerous, and from watching a session, I will say it didn’t hurt the baby at all. The trick is this has to be done with newborns, very young babies, because they will curl up like that comfortably because they are just out of the uterus, and still tend to feel most secure when they’re scrunched up. The room is kept warm, and that lulls the baby to sleep. As far as all the slings and such.. they’re knotted carefully and tested first. Unless you have an amature, nothing’s really going to go wrong. If it hurt, or jerked or anything, they wouldn’t be peacefully sleeping.

  4. says

    Heehee…there is a billboard in my hometown advertising for a chicken finger chain that was started there (I won’t provide the name to protect those who thought this was a good idea). It has a baby sleeping in a FRIED CHICKEN BUCKET! It says something like “Nothing like the original…” or something like that. I can’t believe that someone thought that was a good marketing idea. Ick!!

  5. my spare time design says

    I am so glad to read this….as a crocheter/knitter and mom of three boys teenaged and up, I find these poses and products scary. I've been asked to make some and refuse and in some brainflash even commented on a photographers site where she asked what people thought of her photograph….a baby in one of these sling things hanging from a mailbox at the front door of the home. I guess she was looking for praise for the creativity but I had to let her know that it disturbed me for safety reasons, especially for people who may want to copy the idea and not realize the dangers.
    Maybe it's being a mom, a careful one who had a son with ADHD who would try just about anything, a mom who was also a newsreporter and saw and wrote about tragedies that people never for saw.
    By the way my favorite photo to take is of those little toes and fingers….:)

  6. Jill Nystul says

    Thanks Milli (and everyone else) for making me feel less alone in this. lol. I still just shake my head when I see these kinds of pictures posted on Pinterest and everyone Oooo'ing and Ahhhh'ing over them. But I bite my tongue. :-)

  7. Milli says

    Hi Jill! Completely agree on these newborn photos. There is nothing cute about them! Really find these disturbing…

    Love your blog!

  8. Zombie Cakes says

    I hate when people stage newborns it looks so unnatural and it makes me fear for their safety, what if they were to suddenly jerk they could really hurt themselves, especially the one with his chin near the edge of the bucket. I see safety issues with this and would never subject my newborn baby so it