New Life for Old (Mason) Jars

So, my oldest child (a BOY thankfully!) is getting married in October.  As the mother of the groom I haven’t felt too pressured about the whole affair, but with the bride-to-be currently living with us, I’m finding myself being increasingly sucked in to the madness!!  lol!  That’s not true. I am helping out, but because I love it!  We are doing a lot of DIY wedding decor mostly because we love the cute stuff we have found perusing Pinterest wedding boards.  People are just so darn creative and resourceful!

One of the ideas the bride-to-be liked the best for decorations are these glass canning jars, or as most people refer to them…Mason jars!  Did you know they were invented and patented by John Landis Mason, a Philadelphia tinsmith back in 1858??  Some people also call them Ball jars, after Ball Corp., an early manufacturer of the jars.

Who knew how many lovely things could be done with these bottles that most of us have gathering dust in the basement or in grandma’s attic!  I frankly have been amazed.

So today’s One Good Thing is sharing a simple tutorial from on how to make both the hanging flower vases and lanterns.  And for a dose of inspiration….some of the wonderful ways people have used them in celebrations of all kinds!

We have been collecting the bottles for awhile now but have yet to wire any of them.  I decided to give it a try yesterday and literally did this in like 10 minutes.

Mason Jar Hanging Flower Vases

You will need:

Wrap wire around the lip of the jar. Make sure it’s beneath the lip so it will stay in place. Snip the wire, leaving enough to secure it properly around the jar.
Use the pliers to make a ‘u’ shape on one end of the wire. Place other end of wire through the ‘u’ . Make another ‘u’ shape with the other end.
Cut a seperate 11 inch piece of wire for the handle. Insert the piece under the wire that is around the jar. Twist to secure wire.
Repeat with other end of handle.
Make a small bend in the wire that is around the lip so that the handle will stay in place.
Tie ribbon in desired length to the handle. Add water, flowers and enjoy!

Mason Jar Lanterns


Tie ribbon or fishing line (make sure its good and strong!!!!)  in desired length to the handle. Pour some sugar crystals into the jar (you can also use sand), then place your candle into the sugar.
Light candle and hang your mason jar lantern.    They also look lovely sitting on the ground.

More “eye candy”!  Believe it or not….this is only a FRACTION of the photos I could have posted. I tried to draw the line somewhere.  But it was hard! :-)

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