Adding "Computer Repair Technician" to my resume!


I still can't believe I did this. ( 15 year old son helped. Actually he takes full credit...but you and I know the truth!) :-) This is our lovely Dell Dimension E510 desktop computer (I am so familiar with this thing now, I didn't even have to look that up!) that we purchased new 5 years ago. It leaves a lot to be ... Continue Reading

EASY Lemon Chicken & Lemonade Cake

  Even before going "gluten-free", our family ate a lot of chicken! As a matter of fact, if it weren't for chicken, my youngest would probably starve! He is by FAR my pickiest eater (what kid doesn't like homemade mashed potatoes, or pasta, or cereal, or rice, or roast beef....I could go on and on) but if chicken is on the ... Continue Reading

Whoa (Bahama) Mama!!

Two things before I start. #1 This turned out to be A LOT more complicated and involved than I ever imagined starting out.  Chalk this one up to "easier said than done". and #2.  DARN YOU ERIK ! ! ! !  I just had to get that out of the way. I feel better now. Let me explain.  Last night after dinner we were discussing ... Continue Reading

New Life for Old (Mason) Jars

So, my oldest child (a BOY thankfully!) is getting married in October.  As the mother of the groom I haven't felt too pressured about the whole affair, but with the bride-to-be currently living with us, I'm finding myself being increasingly sucked in to the madness!!  lol!  That's not true. I am helping out, but because I love ... Continue Reading

Funky (Cheap) Wall Art!

I did it again!  I had what I wanted to post all picked out and then I found something I HAD to share! NOW! :-)  Not that that's a BAD thing!  Just funny to me. The internet can be a dangerous place for those of us with a.d.d.!  Although  I prefer to think of it as being "flexible" and "open to new ideas". Hopefully you think ... Continue Reading

Monogrammed Hand Sanitizer/Soap Bottles

This little project is one of the very first things I ever "pinned" on Loved the idea it just as much now. So lovely. Inexpensive. Completely customizable. The perfect gift for just about ANYONE! This little gem can be found over at   She has ... Continue Reading