shower curtain…..CURTAINS!

Oh how I love this new blogging experience! :-)  I love finding brilliant ideas and sharing them!  I already had something else in mind to share today….but I stumbled across this tonight and simply could not resist making it “One Good Thing” for today!

I love cute curtains.  Especially the ones where people mount them really high on the ceiling to make the room appear bigger.  However, such TALL curtains can be hard to find pre-made AND the amount of fabric they require can be $$–EXPENSIVE–$$

Enter “shower curtain-curtains“!  I found the idea at (a darling website…I’m sure you will agree!) By mixing and matching a couple of different shower curtains (which you can find as cheap as $9.99 at…or by simply adding a piece of coordinating fabric you purchase (doesn’t have to be much!)…you not only create your own “designer” looking curtains…but you do it for a VERY attractive price!

This is a shower curtain with a piece of orange fabric purchased at sewn to the bottom.

OK….are you ready for this?  Here are the instructions.  Be careful, if you read too fast…you might miss them!
  • Cut shower curtain in half lengthwise vertically to create two panels.  
  • Sew the coordinating fabric/curtain at the bottom of each panel and hem. 
  • If you are sewing-challenged or sewing-phobic…use Stitch Witchery Tape

Ummm….could it GET any easier than that???  I think not. :-)

Joni at even has a wonderful tutorial for adding a monogrammed valance at the top of your curtains

There are SO many options available!  But I limited myself to because if I had wandered over to or,, or COUNTLESS other websites with great decor…I would have been doing this all night long!  (Yes, I am a bit obsessive about such things. It is a blessing and a curse.) Besides, has some very cute stuff at very reasonable prices.

So…. I have put together just a small sampling of some of the shower curtain options available at as a jumping-off point.  I’m sure you will all come up with even more amazing ideas!

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