3-Ingredient Slow Cooker Sweet and Tangy Meatballs!

I remember tasting these once at a summer potluck! I thought they were delicious and asked my friend Joann what the “recipe” was. She got this funny “guilty” look on her face and said, “Would you believe a jar of chili sauce, a jar of grape jelly and a bag of frozen meatballs?” I laughed and said “If you say so! Regardless, they are DELICIOUS!” And I think I ate about a dozen…or so.

I have always MEANT to try and make these ever since then (several years ago now!) and it wasn’t until I saw this recipe on SixSistersStuff.blogspot.com that my memory was stirred about that intention! This is DEFINITELY on the menu for this week…but since I have tasted it before…I can HIGHLY recommend it!


 Slow Cooker Sweet and Tangy Meatballs

1 12 oz jar chili sauce
1 jar grape jelly
1 pkg. frozen meatballs (or 2-3 packages of Little Smokies)

Combine jelly and chili sauce in a crock pot an stir until smooth. Heat the mixture if needed to combine. Add meatballs or cocktail sausages and set temperature to low. Cook for 2-5 hours on low. Serve over rice or with toothpicks!


I would definitely serve over rice….we LOVE rice at our house! I personally think it’s just about the PERFECT food!

Economical….filling….easy to make….goes with a million different things.GLUTEN-FREE…..can season/flavor it a million different ways….can use in both sweet and savory dishes….

I could go on and on. I think I need to write a song or write a poem in celebration of RICE! :-) (making mental note).

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  1. Becki says

    My mom has made these for years and years and they are my favorite! I never thought to pair them up with rice and serve them for dinner! I’m making my menu for the next week and put it on there…yum!!!!

  2. Chelsea says

    I have made this several times. I do not use the name brand stuff and we still LOVE it! I do find that the cheaper brand tends to be runnier, but I add a bit of flour to thicken it up and its just perfect. It is a unique flavor, so if you don’t like unique flavors this may not be your thing.

  3. twg says

    I learned this recipe for BBQ sauce in Home Ec in JH but we used ketchup instead of chili sauce.

    The cranberry sauce sounds interesting.

  4. Sue says

    I use a can of cranberry sauce instead of grape jelly. I’m not allowed to bring anything else to work pot-lucks.

  5. Kirstie says

    My ex had one kid of like this that everyone loved and it was even easier. You also used Welch’s grape jelly (and yes it has to be Welch’s and 32 oz) mixed it with Heniz’s chili sauce (and again no off brand, doesn’t turn out if you do). Heat up and put cocktail meatballs and wieners in it. I also put in a crock pot for a party so it stays warm.

  6. Amber says

    After attempting several receipes from this website. This was the only one so far I have absolutely HATED. It was so gross. Even the smell of it cooking made me wanna puke. Ended up being a “what can I find quickly in the fridge or freezer to make for dinner” kind of a night. I would NOT recommend this receipe.

  7. Angie says

    Looks SO yummy, do you cook your white rice in a rice cooker? Thinking about getting one..