Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alphabet Magnets

I love this little crafting idea.

#1 It’s eye-catching!

#2 It’s EASY and can be done in one crafting session.

#3 The possibilities are ENDLESS for customizing them for your decor….or for a friend’s decor as a gift.

#4 I get to use Modge Podge!

I am more than a little bit embarrassed to admit I have NEVER MODGE-PODGED ANYTHING!  I have always WANTED to…something about the whole idea is very appealing to me! I really don’t know why.

Since the use of Modge Podge is minimal in this project…I thought it was be a good first foray into the medium.

I can’t wait to get started.  I think I am going to use THIS FONT on THIS PAPER as a house-warming gift for my sister who just moved to Wyoming. *sniff sniff*.    Don’t anyone tell her!!!!  Dori, if you’re reading…I’m not talking about you. :-)

Or maybe THIS FONT and THIS PAPER for one of bazillion babies being born into our extended family right now.

I literally could go on and on! I love this sorta stuff!

Here are a couple of darling ideas from Our-Everyday-Art.blogspot.com. (You might notice this blogger holds anything LEMON in as high esteem as I do!)   I like her. :-)

Now to buy some Modge Podge……

And that’s today’s….

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3 thoughts on “Alphabet Magnets

  1. Amber

    Jillee, have you not seen the recipes on pinterest for homemade modgepodge???
    Mix 50/50 Elmers liquid glue and water- shake it up in a jar! Easy peasy and saves $$$$!
    Haven’t ever used the real modge podge so I couldn’t compare but the people who have says it works just the same!
    PS Making a grocery list right now so I can make even MORE homemade soaps etc :) Love your blog I’ve told all my mom friends about it!

  2. mandy

    Love this one! My four-year old made some of these as presents for his Sunday School teachers and g’parents at Christmas time. He wrote the letter J, O, Y and I cut the paper. He helped with the gluing too. Great gifts, little time and expense and big oohs and aaahs! And I get the memories of crafting with my growing guy teaching him about giving too.


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