Another Amazing Bathroom Mirror Transformation!

One of my earliest posts on this blog was about dressing up one of those generic “Builder’s Special” bathroom mirrors with a nice-looking border. I loved this!  Still do!

Emily Louise over at made it for just $18 bucks!

In just over 300 words (314 to be precise…yep, I counted) & 10 photographs…she describes what I think is a very savvy project worthy that even *I* could manage.

Tonight I came across another Mirror Frame Tutorial from The House of Smiths that I not only LOVE, but am definitely doing someday!  You see….I am “blessed” with the same generic bathroom mirrors in my house and to be honest…never really thought how to make them less HOMELY and more HOMEY!

I personally think this is one of the “biggest bang for your buck” things you can do for a bathroom!

Another selling point for me on this PARTICULAR tutorial….NO NAILS!!  Just lots of wood glue, some putty, a little sanding and a couple coats of paint!  My kinda DIY project! And the cost was minimal as well.

So click on over to The House of Smiths and get the scoop (and all the details) on how to make your bathroom SHINE!

I know it seems like I say this a LOT….but you are going to LOVE this blog!  (Hey! Why would I highlight something I DIDN’T love??)

Shelley is completely and utterly charming…along with being extremely talented! :-)

And that’s today’s….

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  1. Angie says

    I’m in total awe and in love with your blog! I discovered it last night on Pinterest and now am looking back at all your older posts. You are awesome! Can’t wait to try this one in particular :)