"Back to School" Already??????

This is me, realizing school registration
is THIS week!!!

I’m in shock.  I don’t know how it happened.  How did the fact that schools starts (for us) in 9 days sneak up on me like this???  I am completely unprepared!  Mentally AND every other way.

Registered my high schooler yesterday, by the skin of my teeth!  I just happened to notice the big manila envelope from the high school sitting on top of the microwave oven on my way out the door yesterday morning.  I left it on the kitchen counter and later called my son and told him he’d better take a look at it and see when registration is.  He calls me back a few minutes later and says, “Mom (in his now deep 16 year old voice)…TODAY is the last day for LATE registration! What??? This was at about 12:30pm….registration ended at 3pm!  Luckily we made it and thankfully it went pretty smoothly.
TIP: go to registration at the END of the day…lines are MUCH shorter!

Registering my middle-schooler today. But first we have to hit the Doctor’s office and get a booster shot because of some state law that says 7th graders can’t register without it. Another thing I was not aware of until yesterday. See, 7th grade registration was actually YESTERDAY…but they won’t LET you register, until you have proof of this booster shot. ugh. So we will be registering with the 8TH graders, today.  But, I WILL be waiting until 2:45 to do so. Waiting in lines it probably one of my LEAST FAVORITE THINGS IN THE WORLD!  I’m so impatient that way. (Thanks Dad!)   Even though the lines we waited in yesterday were pretty short, thanks to it being the “11th hour”…I still can’t believe that in this day and agewe are even waiting in lines AT ALL to register for school!  Hello! We have this thing now….it’s called the INTERNET!  Ever heard of ONLINE registration???  If I can now pay for school lunches online….why can’t we handle registration that way???

*deep breath*    Sorry, I guess I just needed to get that off my chest.  I will spare you and not even get STARTED on the $$$ it costs to register kids for PUBLIC SCHOOL!   Maybe another day……  :-)

Sooooooo…..back to the“celebrating” of Back to School. While my boys are not “celebrating” at the thought…I think secretly they are excited for the new year. I’m going to try and build on that secret excitement by making this special rice krispie cake!

  • spray your cake pans with Pam.
  • cut out a circle of wax paper that fits in the bottom of your pans and give that a spray.
  • make your rice krispies. (this cake took 3 batches.)
  • press into pans.
  • let cool about 20 minutes and then they should slide right out of the pans.
  • you could use a couple toothpicks or skewers between the two cake layers for stability.
  • then use frosting as the “glue” to hold your “crunch berries” on.

I guarantee you my kids are going to LOVE this!  We “discovered” frosting Rice Krispie Treats not that long ago and their basic reaction was,  “and WHY haven’t we been doing this all along????”   ;-)

If you want to get even MORE enthused about back to school……….eighteen25.blogspot.com and rebeccacooper.blogspot.com both have lots of fun Back to School ideas.

I love these two super easy Teacher Gift ideas (complete with FREE printables):


Hopefully one or more of these cute ideas will help ease some of the trauma of “back to school” time.  (Sorry, I don’t have any good ideas for easing the strain on your wallet this time of year.  If you can think of any, please SHARE!)

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  1. Tanya says

    To ease the wallet for back to school shopping we take our kids to a high end resale shop called Plato’s closet ( http://platoscloset.com ) They only sell brand name gently used (and sometimes brand new with tags) clothes. This past weekend we managed to get my soon to be 16 year old daughter, 5 pairs of hollister jeans and a pair of ambercombie jeans, a pair of dress pants and 3 hollister tees for only $80, and they all look brand new. Not bad considering I could of bought 2 pairs of jeans for that price. Check out the website to see if there is one close to you. We have to drive over an hour to get there, but for what we are saving it is well worth it! Of course this won’t help for those who have younger kids, but for the name brand flashing teen crowd this place is a hit!