Crash Hot Potatoes….crash and burn!

crash hot potatoes


I’ve been having a pretty good run lately. I guess I was due for a FAIL!

In the interest of “keeping it real”…I’m going to share with you a “One NOT SO Good Thing” from my week.

Today I attempted to make “Crash Hot Potatoes”…a seemingly “simple” side dish I saw on The Pioneer Woman. I make a LOT of potato side dishes since going gluten-free….so I get pretty excited about new ways to prepare them. This one seemed pretty straight forward….AND delicious looking!

I guess this is one of those cautionary tales against playing “fast and loose” with ingredients in a recipe. :-)  The recipe called for red potatoes….but I only had russet potatoes.

Here is a side-by-side look at The Pioneer Woman’s potatoes and MY potatoes… far, so good! (Pay no attention to her much nicer cookware and cooktop! That’s beside the point here.)


crash hot potatoes


I figured….a potato is a potato….right? Well, yes and no. In this recipe there is apparently a REASON you use RED potatoes.  Because, if you use RUSSET potatoes…..instead of turning out like this……………


crash hot potatoes


your potatoes turn out like this……………


crash hot potatoes


You see…..russet potatoes tend to disintegrate on impact vs. the red potatoes tendency to just sort of squish slightly. And apparently this is a pretty important aspect of this dish.  The squish factor. :-)

I went ahead and finished the potatoes off in the oven anyway. I figured even if they didn’t LOOK good….it would be hard to make a potato TASTE bad, unless you burned it or something.

The recipe calls for 20-25 minutes in a 450 degree oven to finish them off after boiling and squishing.

Here is what the finished product is supposed to look like…………..


crash hot potatoes


And……well…..mine didn’t look like that. :-)   I didn’t take a picture because I really didn’t have any intention of sharing this experience.  But then I thought better of it…and figured someone might “learn from my mistake”…and then this “fail” could indeed be “One Good Thing” after all. :-)

Moral of the story:  Stick to the recipe (or not).  Just be aware there might be consequences when you don’t. :-)

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  1. Ashley H. says

    Glad I could learn from your mistake! I always wondered if it would work with russets. I hope you have tried these again since then (with red potatoes. Or baby yukons or baby purples. My Costco has a mixed bag of baby gourmet potatoes (red, gold and purple!) that are absolutely fabulous!) because they are my favorite side dish ever! @Star, I have had good luck with mine smashing just like that (I use the flat bottom of a glass and not a potato masher, though.) You just have to boil them until they are really soft (I poke with a fork to test doneness). I make these probably once a week and am absolutely addicted!

  2. says

    I made those too… with very small Idaho potatoes. But I didn’t boil them enough they where kinds harder to smash. BUT I learned that they don’t smash all pretty like the picture oh no they smash with the guts of the potato going out the sides… so I started to cut the top of the potatoes and then smashing them.

  3. says

    Gosh, I’ve had this recipe in my recipe folder for quite a while and haven’t tried it yet…now I’m going to have to give it a whirl. Thanks for letting me know that the substitution will NOT work! lol

  4. Anonymous says

    Thank you for posting this! This pin has gone crazy on pinterest and I decided to try it. Well mine was a somewhat fail and I did use the little red potatoes! When I squished mine with the potato masher it stuck to the masher and didn't stay together at all. And yes, I oiled the masher before mashing. They did taste great! Will try them again using a glass to smash them instead.

  5. Jill Nystul says

    Momma Trish…thanks for taking time to leave a comment on this. Very nice of you. And you are right about making comparisons. It's hardly fair for us to compare ourselves to the "best of the best" that people put out there on Pinterest, etc. Good reminder. :-)

  6. Momma Trish says

    I LOVE that you posted this. I'm tired of all the perfection on pinterest and everywhere else. The truth is that EVERYONE has missteps. That's how you learn. People stop trying because they think the rest of the world is just better at something. It's disconcerting. So thank you.