Wednesday, August 24, 2011

D.I.Y. Etched Dish Soap Bottle

Ever since I saw this project a couple of weeks ago….for some reason I keep thinking about it and how much I want to do it!  I have always loved these types of bottles.

As a matter of fact, I use one for my cooking oil that I keep out on the stove.  I use it constantly!  And I USED to have a cute one that my sister gave me that I used for dish soap, but I broke it a long time ago. :-(

So when I saw this Etched Soap Bottle idea at…I was immediately smitten! This is a simple but elegant project that even  us DIY-challenged can do!

Another reason I was so drawn to this idea is I have even been thinking about all the different cute fonts I could use (I am a sucker for cute fonts!)…………..

…………….and all the fun gifts I could make!  I mean it would be silly to buy the special etching cream and then only make ONE….right?

Anyone have any requests??? :-)

Here is a quick snapshot of the process…but head on over the for the detailed tutorial. And plan on spending some time there!  It’s a very fun website with lots of GREAT ideas!

Can’t wait to make these! :-)

And that’s today’s….

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One thought on “D.I.Y. Etched Dish Soap Bottle

  1. Stephanie

    What is the top font? or is it a mixture of fonts?

    Like it but when I print the image the letters are really close together. Not sure I could cut that out :)


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