D.I.Y. "Paint With Water" Book

Do you remember those Paint With Water books as a kid where you could “paint” a picture water and a brush?  I used to LOVE those things!!

Guess what?????  You can make your own that are WAY cuter than those!

This GREAT tutorial at inspiredideasmag.blogspot.com offers super cute illustrations to download and print out….or you could print out your own illustrations!

They KEY is using real watercolor paper and watercolor pencils!  Just brilliant.

Man!  Some people are just so dang clever/creative!  I am definitely making some of these for MYSELF! :-)

CUTE!!!!!  :-)

And that’s today’s…

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  1. Tracey says

    Ok…so now I feel a little silly because I never realized this was what watercolor pencils were for….I have had a multitude of these in the past years and always wondered why they were called watercolor pencils and not just colored pencils LMBO…Sometimes my naivety surprises me! Thanks for the idea this will be super cute for the kids to do on rainy days!!

  2. Jen K. says

    I was trying to think of homemade gifts for everyone this Christmas, but I was totally stumped on what to do for the toddlers. I think this might be one of their gifts! Thanks so much for the great idea!

  3. Jenn says

    Great idea. I was just thinking my 2 year old would be into a paint with water book. I have watercolor pencils from scrabooking, but it never occurred to me to make our own pages. Truly one good thing for my day!!

  4. says

    i just love your site. except for the fact that i don’t get anything at all done, (one good excuse i think) i have many others, but anyhow, i had no idea that there were so many things a person could whip up at home. i am totally in awe. my family wonders about me, because i’m always saying things like, ” don’t throw that away, it can be repurposed”. or, that styrofoam plate can be used again. and “do you know this can be made at home” i love all of your ideas, even shared your site. i think everyone should take a look at “one good thing” hope your day is a good one. and keep it going, i love it!!! (: (: (:

  5. Laura says

    What a wonderful idea! I have been so annoyed they quit making paint with water books readily available. It was surely a mother’s dream and they didn’t know what a good thing they had….lol. I will be making my own from now on. Thanks!