How To Make A (Swedish) Bed

Must be the Scandinavian blood that runs in my veins….but I love just about ANYTHING Scandinavian!  I adore the decor…the landscape…the food…the fashion…the homekeeping ideas.  If I had to describe why…I guess I would say….it’s FRESH, CLEAN and SIMPLE.  Those are 3 words that really appeal to me for some reason. :-)

So when I came across this blog post at on Making A (Swedish) Bed...I was immediately taken in! I read and re-read it.  It’s SO interesting to me how just the “art” of making a bed can be so different from one country/culture to another.

Reading through the comments after the post was just as interesting….as I learned about how they make a bed in Australia and other places around the world.  Who knew there was such a variety of ways to “make a bed”??

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.  Even if you don’t buy into the whole process…there are some neat tips.

My favorites being the D.I.Y. simple bedskirt…

…and the washable pillow covers that go under the pillowcase (or “slip” as they call it).
Gotta go wash some bedding………..

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  1. Shane Marie says

    I can’t believe no one has commented on this yet! What an awesome idea! Simple and clean and seems like it would be an easier wash for bedwetting kiddos. Great way to prolong pillow life and freshness too!