I Have A "Dream Bank"

About a month ago I put a big glass pitcher on our kitchen counter and dubbed it our “Harry Potter World Fund”.  The idea being that whenever anyone had any extra cash or coins…we all agreed to put it towards our “dream” trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park in Orlando, Florida.  Yep, we are MAJOR fans!

It’s been working out O.K., but I have discovered 2 drawbacks to my system.

#1.  It’s too easy to reach your hand in and “borrow” a few bucks when you feel the need.
#2.  Where’s the inspiration?  The motivation? The reminder as to WHY we are trying to fill this jar?

Tonight while checking out the latest Pinterest offerings….I found this!

THE ANSWER to both #1 and #2!

It’s called a DREAM BANK and you can BUY one for $25.00 at UncommonGoods.com


(wait for it……..)

You could make your own………..

Harry Potter World…
here we come!

And that’s today’s….

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  1. CTY says

    Drilling the holes and then connecting them sounds like it would work. I was thinking of using my Dremil.
    An alternative– up cycle a large juice can (like tomato). Rinse it well (this is the hard part), wait, wait wait til it dries completely. With a screwdriver & hammer make a slit on the side not punched with a can opener. And make your first deposit for the amount of money you would spend on the shadow box. You can even modge podge a picture to the can.

  2. Jenise says

    I would drill several holes in the top and then use a jig saw of some kind to finish the hole. Sand it smooth with sand paper or a nail file.

  3. Shantelle Vye says

    My boyfriend and I have an ongoing "[insert big item here] Fund". It would have been funny to use this idea at one point, because when we first moved into our own place, the fund was the "Mattress Fund". Neither of us had owned a real mattress for over 3-4 years (only air mattresses… yeah, that sucked), so it was a huge thing for us. It would have been interesting having a photo of a mattress in our "fund" bank. lol. :-) But I seriously love this idea! (^_^)

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