Savoring Summer Sweet Corn!

One of the best things about summer……

Which reminds me…..we haven’t had NEARLY enough this year!  Must remedy that.  I am heading the the corn stand tomorrow and stocking up!

First thing I’m going to do is cook some up for dinner!  I think we’re going to try something in the new smoker and I really can’t think of anything corn on the cob DOESN’T go good with!

I can’t wait….I do love me some sweet corn!  Of course no matter how SWEET your corn is, it can always benefit from some butter and salt!

Here’s a great tip from Martha on PRE-buttering those hard-to-butter ears!

Pre-Buttered Corn

Serve corn on the cob already buttered so guests can dig right in. 

Bring water to a boil in a stockpot (don’t add any salt; it toughens kernels), and drop in six to eight ears. Return to a boil, then cook two to four minutes for crisp-tender corn. When ears are just about done, slice eight tablespoons of unsalted butter, and drop them into the cooking water; stir to melt. The butter will float, and each ear will get an even coating as you remove it from the pot with tongs.

Genius huh?

Since I’m going to make a special trip to the corn stand tomorrow (OK…I confess, it is literally about 6 blocks away from my house!) I’m definitely going to buy more than a meal’s worth.  I came across this simple technique for Freezer Corn at and was completely inspired!

I would love to have the “good stuff” stocked in the freezer for enjoyment all year round.  Come to think of it….I RARELY eat corn any other time of year besides summer.  I am just not a fan of the canned kind.  Oooo….I’m getting excited now! :-)

Simple Freezer Corn

Next time you’re at the store (or farmstand) grab 8 or more ears of corn and peel back the husks.

Grab a huge pot, boil some water, toss in the ears, boil them for a few minutes till they’re tender and the color looks vibrant, drain the water, and let the corn cool.

Using a sharp knife, cut all the kernels off the cob.

To freeze the corn, spread the kernels out on a cookie sheet. Stick your pan(s) in the freezer:

Once frozen, put meal-size portions into ziploc bags (the kind you can label are cool!) and place them back in the freezer.

Next time you’re making salad or salsa or tacos or whatever…head for the freezer instead of the can in your pantry.  

I promise, you won’t be sorry you took a little time out of your busy summer to do this!

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  1. Becki says

    Thanks for posting this tip on freezing corn! My boyfriend and I tried canning corn last summer and it just did not turn out right. I think it was past it’s prime for canning, but would have worked for freezing. So I can’t wait for the farmers markets this year and give it whirl for freezing! :)

  2. Sierra says

    The center hole of a bundt pan makes for a good place to put your corn while slicing off the kernels. Then as you slice all of the kernals fall into the bundt pan and makes less mess.