A Thank You & Welcome Home To Our Troops

Lately my kids and I have been seeing a commercial on TV for a new series on TLC called “Surprise Homecoming”.
The show reunites military men and women who have been serving overseas with their families, and Billy Ray Cyrus is the host.
Seems like each time we watch the commercial one of us says…I’m going to cry if I watch that! I think we can all relate.

The sight of our soldiers coming home from serving in faraway lands, protecting OUR freedoms, is a very moving thing. Even if we have no idea who they are!

I witnessed this at the airport the day my son came home from a 2 year church service mission. My whole extended family was there with signs and the excitement was off the charts.
But before my son’s plane arrived…another plane arrived carrying about a dozen soldiers returning from Iraq. One of them was a young woman (maybe 22 years old??), dressed in fatigues and immediately greeted by her two little boys…ages 3 and 2. None of my family knew them from Adam….but there we were, all with tears running down our cheeks, as we watched this sweet, sweet reunion.

I experienced this feeling again a couple of weeks ago as I watched the local TV news. Over 150 National Guard troops from our area had just returned from 1 year and a half in Afghanistan and were being reunited with their loved ones! What an amazing thing to behold! The joy on the faces of those returning and those having their loved ones return to them is not something that can be described adequately with words.

When I got into work the next morning…I realized the husband of one of my co-workers was a soldier on that plane! Her husband was a medic with the company and had been gone since July 2010. She described the event and how great it was to welcome him home….but it wasn’t until she showed me the pictures of him being greeted by his twin boys at the airport that I got this huge lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I asked her if she would mind if I shared some of the images with all of you. Number One, because my typewritten words could not begin to do the moment justice…and Number Two, it’s just a very small way I can say “Thank You” to my friend’s husband and to my friend and her kids for sacrificing having him at home so that he could serve the country we are so very privileged to live in.

So here it is. A salute to our military men and women…those who have returned home…and those who still defend……one VERY Good Thing.

Song: “Coming Home” performed by “The Soldiers”

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