Fall Baking To-Do List!

It has been unseasonably warm here this week. (At least it seems like it to me...but I'm no meteorologist and I hardly ever listen to the weather report...so take it for what it's worth).But despite the warm days...the nights are definitely starting to get chillier and there's that certain something in the air that tells you ... Continue Reading

Paper Pumpkins! A Quick and Easy Autumn Craft!

I have a serious weakness for anything PAPER!  Especially paper CRAFTS!  (Need proof?  Check out my paper crafts Pinterest board!) So these little paper pumpkins immediately caught my eye! They're cute, but kinda elegant at the same time....dontcha think? And easy enough you could do as a craft with kids!  WIN ... Continue Reading

Mississippi Comeback Sauce…the southern cousin to Fry Sauce!

Comeback Sauce

Quick! What's your favorite condiment!?!? For me it would have to be MUSTARD...followed VERY closely by a Utah tradition.....Fry Sauce. Here in Utah, when it comes to sauce....it's all about the Fry Sauce!  But in Mississippi.....apparently Comeback Sauce is the queen mother of condiments! It's supposedly a lot like the ... Continue Reading

Celebrating Dad!

My DadSometimes "One Good Thing" is spending the day celebrating your Dad's birthday!HaPpY BiRtHdAy DaDdY!XOXOXOXO"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me."-Jim Valvano ... Continue Reading

In Praise of Grocery Store Flowers!

grocery store flowers

I try not to take things for granted in my life. Although it's inevitable at times...because it's inherent in our human natures. But I do TRY...because I have experienced enough heartache in my life to realize everything we have is fragile and unpredictable.  So appreciating each and every one of life's "moments" (whatever those ... Continue Reading

Lettering Inspiration!

Ever have a project come up where you need some cute lettering? Well do I have a GOLDMINE for you! It's Pinterest to the rescue once again! I know I have gushed about this website before (and probably will continue to because it's just that AWESOME!) but if you are looking for some cute lettering for something you are ... Continue Reading

Creamy Comfort Food – Vanilla Rice Pudding

The strangest thing is happening to me.....I'm becoming my parents! Let me try to explain.As a kid I HATED tomatoes!  I wanted NOTHING to do with them.  DISgusting! Today I made a HUGE bowl of homemade pico de gallo from the tomatoes we grew in our garden!Mmm....mmm.....mmm!!!  I could have eaten the whole ... Continue Reading