Balloon Flower Party Decor!

You’re going to have to bear with me here….but I literally could not stop myself from posting this 

[{[{ balloon flower }]}]

Second,I love PINK flowers.
And finallyI LOVE surprisingly easy but impressively attractive ideas like this!  This is one of those ideas where the voice inside your head says, “WHY didn’t I think of that??”

I realize I might be getting a little TOO excited about this…but like I said, you’ll have to bear with me.  Sometimes the oddest things just GRAB me, and I can’t explain why! I guess that’s part of the reason I started “One Good Thing By Jillee”. I couldn’t stand finding awesome, cool, pretty, clever, amazing THINGS and NOT sharing them with someone! :-)

OK…I will stop gushing now and get on with the rest of the post.

I spotted this idea over at All Things Simple.  (I love that she calls her friend like I do!  She actually calls it MR. GOOGLE…but MY friend is Google…just Google.  What did we do before Google? I can’t remember!  And I don’t want to.  But I digress…..a  lot.)

Kim saw this idea on another blog out in the blogosphere but there were no directions so she and her friend MR. GOOGLE figured it out.  I’m not into “reinventing the wheel” so I’m going to direct you over to her blog for directions.  After all, she did all the work, while you and I get to just sit here and oooh and ahhh over it….and file it in our future parties idea mental file.

All Things Simple

A future party that could be a birthday party, a baby shower, a wedding shower….mix up the colors and I think the party possibilities are endless!

(UPDATE: Here’s another tutorial from Martha.)

And that’s today’s….

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  1. kathy stephens says

    This is precious. I am a second grade teacher and have a tea party for my girls every year at the end of school. Can’t wait to use this.