Lettering Inspiration!

Ever have a project come up where you need some cute lettering?
Well do I have a GOLDMINE for you!

It’s Pinterest to the rescue once again!

I know I have gushed about this website before (and probably will continue to because it’s just that AWESOME!) but if you are looking for some cute lettering for something you are making on the computer or for some inspiration for a lettering craft….this is the place to find it.

My family and I recently enjoyed a getaway at a time share that my parents own, and as a “Thank You” I made this banner for them. (Unfortunately the hotel didn’t have a color printer….Barbarians!)
I used the letters I have been pinning to make it.

I’ve also started my own 
“Cute Letters In Our Names” Pinterest board
where I will “pin”…….well…….cute letters in our names! :-)
For some reason it makes me happy to see the letters in my kids’ name and come up with fun ways to use them.

(I try to refrain from pinning “girly” letters for the boys names….but sometimes I can’t help myself!)  

And HERE IS A LINK to the board of another “Pinographer” that has pinned literally THOUSANDS of letters!  GREAT resource!

And FINALLY, I’ve gathered together a few pictures as inspiration for ways you could use the lettering ideas in some cute DIY projects!


And that’s today’s….

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