MORE Trendy Baby Burp Cloths!

I don’t know what it is about these cute baby burp cloths that I find so appealing…but everytime I see a tutorial on them…I can’t help myself…I want to make some!  But I have no babies to burp anymore!  hmmmmm….I could stockpile them for GRANDbabies!!!  :-)   Or, of course they would make a great gift for the Mom-to-be! I love how colorful they are.  Would look so cute stacked up on a table in the nursery. (Or on your shoulder in church!)  :-)

So, at the risk of making some of you want to vomit on your own puke rags…….I mean burp cloths, here’s another “how-to” from

And that’s today’s….

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  1. karmenn says

    I made these for my kids when they were babies but we still use them today as “snot rags”! Nice and soft on raw noses. :)