Buckets of Burlap [DIY]

Lately I have become more and more enamored with natural/raw textiles or fabrics like twine,  jute, hemp, brown kraft paper, and burlap!
Honestly, I don’t know what has come over me! Making my own laundry and cleaning supplies…and now this? I am genuinely puzzled by this new fascination I have with all things “natural”…if someone can give me some insight, I’d be interested. :-)
Anyway….instead of questioning it…I guess I should just be embracing it instead!  So tonight I ran across several cool ways to use BURLAP and figured….what the heck! Let’s explore this new vista……..

#1 Burlap Napkin Rings
How cute are these?  I like the rustic combined with vintage look. Head on over the Tatertots&Jello.com for the tutorial.  Cute, cute, cute!

#2  Burlap Pillows
The great thing about burlap…it goes great with just about anything.  Very easy to match prints with it.
The fun things about this pillow is the monogram made with a Freezer Paper Stencil (Note to self: need to blog about this).

#4 No-Sew Burlap Curtains

You had me at Burlap….but then you throw in the “No-Sew” and I am hooked!  A little stitch witchery and a few curtain rod clips and you have a whole new look for a room! Another burlap bonus…no need to “finish” edges…the fraying only ADDS to the look (in my humble opinion).


#5 Burlap-Wrapped Vase

Once again…it really doesn’t get any easier than this folks!  Find vase, cut burlap (leave some glass peeking through on the top and bottom), wrap vase, secure with hot glue gun (or other adhesive of your choice) and finish off with some string!

#6 Burlap-Tied Boutonniere

Great for a chic, outdoor wedding. No tutorial. Ask your florist to do it for you. :-)


#7 Burlap Fabric Tray

A slightly higher level of craftiness involved here…but nothing too intimidating. I just love the idea. A great catch-all for the kitchen or mudroom or even a nightstand.  Maybe my hubby could be convinced to throw his keys and change in THIS, rather than on the kitchen table.

Well, I could go on and on and on and on….there are THAT many cute and clever ideas out there.  But hopefully this will get your started thinking about how burlap can add a nice decorative twist to your world.



UPDATE:  10/23/2011

I keep finding more cool burlap ideas! :-)  Here’s a few more….

Burlap Garland!

Dress Up Homemade Jam for gift-giving!

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  1. Rose Myrtle says

    How would you find burlap that big for a curtain? And does it look trashy? How wold you dye them purple

  2. Susan says

    I just went to one of our local feed stores to check on feed for our chicks (we noticed the name on the feed and realized it was local). Turns out I can also purchase NEW, never used, feed sacks from them for $1 each! I plan to make chair cushions out of them. We went in that AM (hubby and I) to purchase the feed, and I went back later to buy another chick and the bags…4 men in there and they all looked so funny…one guy very tentatively asked me what I’d was going to do with them…so I told him. Funny expression on his face…but he gave me an extra one too;D