Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Costume Inspiration Board!

Yikes! I just took a good look at the calendar today and realized Halloween is less than 2 weeks away! 

I figured I’d better dig through all the Halloween Costume Ideas I have been saving up and post them TOOT SWEET! :-)

Gotta give people time to get the stuff together they might need to pull some of these off.

So, in no particular order, or gender, or level of difficulty….here are some costume ideas I have stumbled across the last few months that I thought were particularly cute and/or creative and bookmarked them, so I could share them with you!

Hope you find something to inspire in approaching the formidable task of coming up with Halloween costumes! (One of the most stressful things I’ve ever done as a parent!)

A couple of late entries…..I couldn’t resist posting. :-)


Oompa Loompa :-)
Hot Air Balloon

If you would like the source of any of these costume pics…leave me a comment below. :-)

HaPpY hAuNtInG!!!

And that’s today’s….

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