My Weekend Project – QUICK & EASY Paper Lace Garland

All purchased at Wal-Mart for approximately $8.00

This is my kitchen table this morning. (Try to ignore the “well-loved” surface.  It’s on my DIY To-Do List!) With Number One Son getting married in California in 7 days, I’m beginning to get just a LITTLE panicked about the Open House we are having for him and his intended here in Utah at the end of the month.

So, to help alleviate SOME of that panic, I thought I would pound out this QUICK & EASY decoration project I found at, and then I will have ONE LESS THING to worry about.  Don’t you just love being able to check things off your “mental checklist”. Makes room for MORE stuff you can cram into your brain!

Isn’t it pretty??

So, here are my supplies.

  • Doilies….CHECK.
  • Double fold bias tape (in desired coordinating color)…CHECK.
  • Matching thread…..CHECK.

Wait! That can’t possibly be it??  I MUST be missing something.  ***scanning mental checklist***  Nope.  That is it. Of course you’re also going to need a pair of scissors (but really, do you even have to LIST that as a “supply”?) AND a sewing machine.  Thank you Mom for passing down your 1982 Elna Star Series all those years ago.  It’s still running like a CHAMP!!   Can’t argue with Swiss technology!

The whole “tutorial” at is basically comprised of ONE photo and 3 steps (see below).  That’s how easy it is. It’s just a super straight-forward but BEAUTIFUL idea! My very FAVORITE kind! :-)


1. Cut doilies in half:

2. Prepare to sew. Iron out any creases in the bias tape. Pinning doilies to the bias tape is an option, but just positioning the doily as you sew is very easy!

3. Sew the garland. Sandwich the doily halves between the fold of the bias tape, placing them end to end, and carefully sew along the edge.

Don’t own a 20+ year old sewing machine?  Or ANY sewing machine? I found this even FASTER and EASIER version of this garland!   NICE! :-)

So now you know what I’m doing this weekend….(along with 35,413 other things!)   What are YOU doing???

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