My KITCHEN Miracle Cleaner turned BATHROOM Miracle Cleaner!

Not me.

Let me just preface this by saying, "I am not a clean freak."  Not that I think that's a BAD thing!  Honestly, I could use a little more of that particular kind of freakiness. But lately, I can't stop cleaning stuff! :-)  I don't really plan it out. I'll just notice something that I've probably overlooked (or tried to ignore) a ... Continue Reading

How To Clean Your Glass Shower Door With A Lemon & Salt


A couple of weeks ago my hubby was complaining about the "scum" on the inside of the glass shower door in our bathroom. Even though we squeegee the door after we shower (well, 8 1/2 times out of 10) always seems to build up. I remembered reading SOMETHING about CITRUS and SALT and cleaning the BATHROOM...but that's about ... Continue Reading

Buckets of Burlap [DIY]

Lately I have become more and more enamored with natural/raw textiles or fabrics like twine,  jute, hemp, brown kraft paper, and burlap! Honestly, I don't know what has come over me! Making my own laundry and cleaning supplies...and now this? I am genuinely puzzled by this new fascination I have with all things "natural"...if ... Continue Reading

Rolo Pretzel Bites. A "Frighteningly" Good Sweet & Salty Treat!

I have a SERIOUS weakness for sweet and salty combos!  So when I saw this delicious little morsel I think my heart skipped a beat! ;-)I guess they've "been around" for a long time....but unfortunately (or fortunately!) I had never heard of them!  Until now!Spotted these little bite-sized pieces of heaven over at ... Continue Reading

Halloween Costume Inspiration Board!

Yikes! I just took a good look at the calendar today and realized Halloween is less than 2 weeks away!  I figured I'd better dig through all the Halloween Costume Ideas I have been saving up and post them TOOT SWEET! :-) Gotta give people time to get the stuff together they might need to pull some of these off. So, in ... Continue Reading

The Best Pumpkin Pancakes Ever

TheCurvyCarrot.comThis is officially K I L L I N G me to post this recipe and photo this morning!It is 8:41 am and we are getting ready to make our road trip back to Utah from Cal-i-FOR-ny-YAY and I am S T A R V I N G!So while I run through the McDonald's drive-thru, the rest of you should try this recipe for PUMPKIN ... Continue Reading

Cafe Rio Beef (The Trifecta is Now Complete)!

Cafe Rio Beef Salad

Recently I posted recipes for homemade version of Cafe Rio Pork and Cafe Rio Chicken. Nick at reminded me there was one more offering that I hadn't thought to share yet. BEEF! Yesterday we made a stop at the Cafe Rio in Tustin, CA for a quick bite during our crazy day of wedding and reception ... Continue Reading