Pumpkin Carving Inspiration Board!

The time is drawing nigh…..when you must drag those pumpkins in off the porch and actually carve them into Jocular Jack-O-Lanterns! If you’ve already done your carving…you must know some secret I don’t because (based on personal experience) if you carve them too early you have a sunken, pumpkin, mush ball on your hands, instead of a Perky Pumpkin.
About a week ago I posted Halloween Costume Inspiration. I hope something sparked an idea for at least some of you.  I know that coming up with costume ideas has got to be one of the hardest things a Mom does all year long!
While how to carve your pumpkins isn’t NEARLY as stressful…is doesn’t hurt to have a little inspiration before you start the butchering….I mean carving. :-)  So here are some of my favorite punkin heads for your consideration. (BTW…if you are looking for “puking pumpkins”, you’re in the wrong place. lol. This is a “puking pumpkins free” blog space!)

As you can see, I saved “the best” for last. I personally am a big fan of the CLASSIC Jack-O-Lantern. But as you can ALSO see, by the number of pictures I posted of them…I do like the BIG TEETH ones too! lol!  For some reason they really just hit my funny bone! :-)

Now go grab some really sharp knives and gather the children!

It’s carving time!
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