Funny, Funny Mother . . . A Little Christmas Humor

funny funny mother

For some reason, this little "story" that my Mom used to read at Christmastime came to mind today. Maybe it's the fact that the holiday rush is officially ON and amongst my "Mom friends" (including yours truly!) I can already sense the frantic hysteria starting to build. So this post is a chance to sit back and relax for a ... Continue Reading

Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

With Green Chile Sour Cream Sauce I have probably made at least a dozen different recipes for Chicken Enchiladas over the years. It seems every time I see a "new" one I am compelled to try it! It is one of my favorite chicken dishes! The creamier, the better! Typically the "creamy" chicken enchilada recipes call for sour ... Continue Reading

Clean Your Ceiling Fan In SECONDS!

clean your ceiling fan2

We decided to put up our Christmas tree and decorations yesterday...but before I could start...I had to clean.  The thought of putting up decorations on top of dirty, dusty surfaces is icky. (Am I alone in this?) One particularly onerous cleaning chore I had to tackle (that I had put off for FAR too long) was the ceiling ... Continue Reading

Make Your Own Christmas Jammies!

noodle-head.comGetting new jammies for Christmas has been a tradition in our family as long as I can remember.My Mom always made us girls the most wonderful flannel nightgowns growing up.I have carried on the tradition of Christmas jammies with my kids....but, for the most part, they have been the store-bought variety. And ... Continue Reading

{THE} Cure For Dry, Cracked Heels and Feet!

cracked heels cure

If you have ever suffered from dry, cracked heels you KNOW how annoying and even PAINFUL it can be. And based on the number of lotions, creams, balms, ointments, salves, scrubs, etc out there...this is a COMMON problem. If you Google "how to cure dry, cracked heels" you will get 1,000,000 results in 0.18 seconds! Over the years ... Continue Reading

Got Leftover Turkey? Make Turkey Caesar Sandwiches!

For some reason I just couldn't decide what I wanted to post for today. Of course that could have SOMETHING to do with the fact that I had posted so manyBLACK FRIDAY DEALS over at Sweet Deals By Jillee that I can hardly see straight this morning! :-)But the moment I saw this recipe....I KNEW!  This was meant to be for ... Continue Reading

My "Secret" for Wiping Out Ring Around The Collar

 If you were old enough in the 70's (or even ALIVE then) will no doubt remember the "Ring-Around-The-Collar" commercial. You know...the one where the husband's white shirts are mocking the mortified housewife with the sing-song chant, "Ring-around-the-collar, RING-AROUND-THE-COLLAR!" Poor woman! Could she LOOK any more ... Continue Reading