{THE} Cure For Dry, Cracked Heels and Feet!

cracked heels cure

If you have ever suffered from dry, cracked heels you KNOW how annoying and even PAINFUL it can be. And based on the number of lotions, creams, balms, ointments, salves, scrubs, etc out there…this is a COMMON problem. If you Google “how to cure dry, cracked heels” you will get 1,000,000 results in 0.18 seconds! Over the years I feel like I have tried ALL ONE MILLION! But about 5 years ago I found the “real cure”…and while it seems like a ‘MIRACLE CURE’, it’s actually just good science.

Recently I saw an online article about a “new” way of treating sore, cracked feet that involved using Shaving Cream and Listerine! Now I am not discounting this idea AT ALL! It actually appeals to the side of me that loves a “homemade” version of just about anything.  But it got me thinking about my cracked heels “miracle cure” and made me want to share it with you!

cracked heels cure

I have suffered from EXTREMELY DRY, CRACKED HEELS for YEARS! About 5 years ago I had a serious foot wound that would not heal (no, I’m not diabetic) and was even required to undergo several weeks of daily Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments. It was while under the care of Wound Specialists at the hospital that I FINALLY found the “cure” for my painful, dry, cracked heels. The doctors noticed how bad my heels were and recommended a cream that is primarily used in Wound Care called…Atrac-Tain Moisturizing Cream.

It’s not carried in pharmacies, but you can order it online. I’ve ordered it here at Amazon. It’s approximately $15 for a 5 ounce tube…but a little goes a long way!

I’ve done a fair amount of research on this stuff because I was AMAZED at how well it worked for me and wanted to know WHY!?   So for what it’s worth……………….

Atrac-tain contains 10% Urea and 4% AHA. Those are the “miracle” parts of this “miracle cure”.

cracked heels cure

Urea is a chemical compound found in urine, although it is also made artificially. (So don’t worry, there is no URINE in this cream!) Urea is basically a moisture magnet. It literally attracts water to dry skin cells.

cracked heels cure

AHA, or alpha hydroxy acid, is a skin care product ingredient made from fruit, milk or sugar cane that penetrates dead skin cells and loosens the molecular bonds that attach them to the underlying tissues. The loosened cells slough off, exposing newer skin.

For those of you who have suffered from this ailment…this combination is the “miracle” you’ve been looking for.

If you don’t believe me….click here to read page after page of people RAVING about this stuff. People who have suffered from serious skin conditions….including eczema and lymphedema.

cracked heels cure

And just an FYI…if you suffer from dry and cracked fingers, knuckles, etc…it will do the same thing for your hands!  Just the act of putting the lotion on my feet resulted in much softer hands too!  BONUS!

My METHOD of using “the cure”:

  • Wash feet (preferably let them soak for awhile until the dry skin is softened)
  • Slather Atrac-tain cream onto feet. (Make sure you purchase the CREAM…not the lotion.)
  • Put on socks.
  • Go to bed.

You will literally notice a difference overnight! Keep on using nightly until dead, dry skin is gone and cracks have healed. After that, use as needed.

cracked heels cure

I hope this helps some fellow dry skin sufferers out there to once again find their HAPPY FEET!   :-)


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  1. says

    I am looking forward to trying this. My heels are horrible. but in the summer I garden in bare feet so probably will wait till fall. Spring has kind of sprung here.

  2. Celeste Lux says

    Now for something completely different. I have been taking food grade diatomaceous Earth for almost a month now (heaping teaspoon every morning in juice). My reasons had nothing to do with cracked heals and rough skin, but as of about a week ago, the change in my skin has been amazing! My cracked heals and rough skin on my feet have disappeared, and my skin all over feels extremely soft and wonderful. My husband, who is also taking it, is experiencing the same thing. DE is also very inexpensive and good for all kinds of things including getting spots out of your carpet. Do the research, but it might be worth taking into consideration for rough skin treatment.

  3. Jill Nystul says

    Thank you Demaroge!

    Dori and CeeBee…I can say with certainty you will be SO happy with this stuff!! It's like nothing I've ever tried before….and I've tried them all!

  4. CeeBee says

    I am so desperate to find something that will heal my cracked cuticles too! I pick the dryness – its worse than biting my nails! i can't stand it anymore! I won't even wear my rings because my hands and nails are such a mess! At night i slather neosporin on my cuticle – it helps – but only for the night. I am going to try this cream – I hope it works for me too! thank you!!

  5. Dori says

    Mine are worse than ever and so painful to walk on right now. I am ordering a tube, I forgot about this when you posted it before. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous says

    My husband uses Bag Balm. It worked within a week of starting to use it and his feet are healed and crack free.

  7. Anonymous says

    Hi Jill I am new to your blog and LOVE seeing everything you do! I first came across your English Muffin bread from Pinterest the other night and made my first 2 loaves the next day! Yummy!! But I wanted to know where you buy this AtracTain product online for a good price. It sure varies and I called my local Walgreens to see if they carry it and they don't, do any retail stores carry it?? Thanks!!