Delicious Dinner Rolls with GRATITUDE Rolled Up Inside!
“Give Thanks” this Thanksgiving with the help of these buttery, flaky “Gratitude Rolls”.

No one will ever be able to convince me that there are any BETTER ROLLS in the universe than the ones my dear Mother makes….but I happened upon these tasty-looking rolls online and thought they looked PRETTY DARN GOOD! The official name of the recipe is “Delicious Buttery Dinner Rolls” (accurate, but uninspired)…..I like my name better. :-)

In honor of the feasting that will commence less than 48 hours from now…I present you with what looks like a most worthy addition to the Thanksgiving table from How Does She?! I mean honestly, Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be THANKSGIVING without delicious rolls! It’s almost embarrassing how much my family loves homemade rolls! My brother (who shall remain nameless…Kevin) and my nephews (you know who you are!) have even resorted to HIDING ROLLS at the beginning of dinner just to make sure they get enough. :-)  Ah well, I can’t really blame them….my Mom’s rolls are AMAZING…and someday I hope to master the art. Until then I will rely on my Mom, my sister Becky, my sister JoAnn and my brother Kevin who have all taken on the challenge and are now amazing roll-makers in their own right. Thank goodness!

Lara over at also has an idea for making these buttery, flaky morsels even MORE special by turning them into Gratitude Rolls! Which simply means writing down things your family is grateful for, printing and cutting them out (doesn’t anyone hand-letter anything anymore?) and rolling them up in the dough before baking. The kids (and adults no doubt) will get a kick out of finding a “surprise center” in their dinner roll. Have everyone take a turn reading what their slip of paper says and try to guess who’s wrote it!  I love how her 3 year old daughter is grateful for “chocolate milk”. Well who ISN’T grateful for that!!??!  :-)

(The sadistic side of me thinks it might even be fun not to mention the gratitude slips in the rolls and watch people eat them! lol.  Just make sure the video camera is rolling.)

There is even a PRINTABLE VERSION of thus recipe to download for those of you who don’t like to drag your laptop into the kitchen with you….like I do. :-)  It’s actually amazing I haven’t had some horrific spill on to the keyboard yet!  *knock on wood*

Props to Lara and her gorgeous dinner rolls!  Click on over for the full tutorial with lots of beautiful, mouth-watering inducing photographs! (I am sooooooo STARVING right now after looking at them! Hurry up Thanksgiving dinner!!!!!)

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  1. Marissa says

    I was just wondering if you ever made these with the paper in them and if they got baked in, or if they came out easily?