Homemade Makeup Remover Cloths….Revisited…Again.

selfieSince there has been so much (p)interest in my original posts about this idea (post #1, post #2), and I have actually made a few changes myself…I thought it might be time for another update on the homemade makeup remover cloths.

Effective but messy.

A few people have expressed concern about using PAPER TOWELS on your face. Personally I don’t have a problem with it, I mean it’s not like I’m taking using a brillo pad, it’s a paper towel. However, that being said, I can see their point and while I don’t feel like the paper towel was hurting my skin, it was a bit too dry for my 40-something skin. ;-)  So tried a few different things, including this messy failure…where I heated up some lotion in a small bowl and added it to my batch of makeup remover paper towels. I got the desired moisturizing effect….but it was a pretty messy proposition. The paper towels couldn’t quite hold up to the addition of the lotion.

Soooo….the constantly spinning wheels in my head started spinning faster and I came up with my newest version of the homemade makeup remover cloths. I’d recently purchased a box of baby wipesfor another homemade product I’m experimenting with. (We are out of the baby wipes stage in our house…but I bought them pretty much straight for 10 years when my kids were little.  That’s a lot of baby wipes!)
I decided that the THICKER, SOFTER, baby wipes might be just the ticket. While more expensive that paper towels, they are still MUCHless expensive than the makeup remover towelettes that are sold.I even did a little grocery store sleuthing with my camera phone this morning and have photographic evidence!


I realize this is far from a scientific analysis…but who cares.  If my calculations are correct (and that’s always a possibility since Math never has been a strong suit of my left-handed, right-brained personality type….but I think I’m in the ballpark here.) this is what it boils down to:

  • $6.49 median price for 30 “makeup remover towelettes”
  • $2.35 median price for 64 “baby wipes”

OK…enough numbers crunching. What I have been doing lately is taking a baby wipe and adding a squirt of lotion and taking my makeup off with that.  It’s actually beenthe perfect solution…..for me!  Now I realize this takes some of the “homemade” out of homemade makeup remover cloths and is no longer an all natural alternative. But I actually started this whole thing because I was disgusted at the COST of the towelettes in the store….not necessarily because of the ingredients.

That being said, I think my next step in this process will be to switch to reusable cloths and go back to the original “recipe” of natural ingredients with the addition of some lotion. I am actually working towards going paperless in our home. (NO, I will not be doing away with TOILET paper….that is just NOT going to happen!)I’m actually pretty close. We’re still using up our stock pile of paper towels (and of course the makeup remover/baby wipes), but we haven’t used dryer sheets in a LONG time and I’ve been sewing some cute cloth  napkins lately to replace the paper ones.


I hope some of this has been helpful. I actually enjoy discovering new and better ways to do the same old thing…even if it involves a few tweaks along the way. :-)


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  1. Jen says

    My daughter was on stage when she was little and all the makeup was removed using baby wipes by everyone, adult and child actors both. Two shows a day, heavy makeup, nobody was freaked out by it and goodness knows there were enough drama queens there! Go for it. :)

  2. Rita says

    I have made makeup remover & bathroom “wet wipes” from 1/2 roll paper towel each. Instead of having a large round container with the almost used up roll collapsing, I unrolled and folded (accordion style) 1/2 roll while watching TV. The stack was really tall, but almost all actually fit into a 1 QT zipper bag. I used a little over 1 1/2 cups water + the cocoanut oil, body wash, & tea tree oil for a fresh scent. As I poured in the liquid, I could get in
    more & more paper towels as they really squish down. I was left with about 1/4 inch of squished towels to put into another bag for the other bathroom. So instead of a big round container, I have a quart bag that is about 1/2 inch thick AND they pull out so nicely!

    For makeup remover, still looking for a formula to remove waterproof mascara. Used extra oil to start with, but next time will use even more oil.

  3. Kerri says

    Coconut oil is all you need for a gentle makeup remover – organic is best. I keep some in a little recycled pot on the bathroom counter. I also crochet my own little cotton 3″ x 3″ pad to use. It’s soft, reusable, and washes quick and easy. It’s easy to travel with too. Coconut oil works great as a makeup remover and moisturizer all in one.

  4. Katie says

    I use coconut oil. I buy the organic cold pressed kind. Works great as a face moisturizer too.

  5. Anonymous says

    Love the help with homemade!
    I use almond oil because it is a pure nut oil. It does not clog your pores or irritate your eyes. I first wet my cotton/or … squeeze out so it is just damp then put the oil on that.

  6. Mandi says

    So the grand solution is to just use baby wipes? Baby wipes can contain chlorine and other moisturizers. Not what I want on my face, but to each their own. I would rather not have it on my baby's butt either but I guess the alternative is to buy them from whole food. $$ My makeup remover solution is to use the oil cleansing method. http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/ It works well for me and I had acne I don't need a makeup remover anymore. It is cheap too.