From Garbage to Masterpiece!

Garbage to masterpiece 1

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Decoration

Uh-oh!  I stumbled onto another addicting website tonight.  No, it’s not Pinterest. :-) But all you Pinterest addicts might want to take note! You have to take a break SOME time. So you might want to check this out too.

It’s called and features things that people have made from materials and objects that would generally be considered worthless. Basically, junk. Or trash.

Those of us who are certified (certifiable?) “Pinographers” (Pinterest geeks) have probably all seen this picture (or one like it) pinned a thousand times on Pinterest. The ubiquitous Toilet Paper Roll Wall Decoration. I found this at and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more!

The idea behind the website was to feature 30 Things in 30 Days that people made from trash. Then, for everyone that sent them something else to feature, they would extend it by one day.

As of yesterday….December 29th…they are up to 259 days of “trash to treasure”!

I have basically spent this whole evening (into night…into the wee small hours of the morn) looking through all the cool ideas on there!  I finally FORCED myself to stop at about #105!

Below I have chosen a dozen or so of my favorites (so far!) to share with you. Several of them I actually plan on doing! Some of them are just so cool I couldn’t resist posting and maybe they will serve to inspire you as well!

The website it in German, (so if you speak German you’re in luck!), but if you don’t, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and Choose Your Language.

Garbage to masterpiece 2

A cute purse made from strips of cardboard juice cartons!

(FYI:  Throughout the website they refer to “tetra” boxes and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I didn’t know what they were talking about. Until I Googled it. Tetra refers to the “tetrahedral” shaped package made by the Swiss Company Tetra Pak. Basically the juice box.  So now we both know…and that is your history lesson for today.)

Garbage to masterpiece 3
Mini-cassette rack

Mini post-it note or business card holder made from old cassette tape box!  (I bet you could find a million of these at the thrift store!)

Garbage to masterpiece 4

Shampoo Bottle Purse

A “unflashy” but practical container for those “womanly things” that is easy to find in a full purse. Just one cut creates these little bottle purses. Close them with a snap. You can attach a small chain and fix it to the outside of your purse for even easier retrieval.

Garbage to masterpiece 5

Bread birdhouse

Feed our fine-feathered friends with old loaves of bread that would otherwise be thrown out. Love this idea. :-)

Garbage to masterpiece 6

Game Board Calendars and Notebooks

Nothing more useless than a board game missing a bunch of vital pieces. Don’t throw it away! Use the board and some of the little markers, etc to make these very cool notebooks.

Garbage to masterpiece 7

Bangles from tin cans

Love this look!  Note: many of these don’t have detailed tutorials…but I think are pretty easy to figure out. Only think I couldn’t figure out on this one was how they cut such perfect thin strips from the cans?

Garbage to masterpiece 8

Tetra Pack Wallet

I love this idea! The cuter the container you use…the cuter the wallet turns out. Here is a great video I found on how to make a Tetra Wallet.  (Slightly different from this one.) This is another one I am definitely going to try!

Garbage to masterpiece 9

Emergency Sewing Kit

Used plastic container (looks like the kind that deli meat comes in?) and a used sponge.  Brill.

Garbage to masterpiece 10

Slightly chipped or cracked cups and plates are glued together to make charming treat displays! Going on the To Do List!

Garbage to masterpiece 11

Paper Curtain

This one fascinated me! Of course I do have a serious weakness for hanging paper crafts of all kinds! (Witness my recent snowflake obsession.) SUPER easy to make too!

Garbage to masterpiece 12

T-Shirt Scarves

Made from strips of old t-shirts. I had so much fun making this headband out of an old t-shirt, I can’t wait to try this!

Garbage to masterpiece 13

Window Table

Old window with CARDBOARD legs attached with staple gun!  Amazing! My sister wrote about something similar on her blog “Riches to Rags” yesterday. Very cool stuff you can do with an old window!

Garbage to masterpiece 14

Hanger basket

Literally made out of old wire hangers and burlap! LOVE this! Putting on the SPRING list! :-)

Garbage to masterpiece 15

Newspaper Sack

Can even be turned into a gift bag by adding a ribbon or some sort of handle. Video tutorial…but wouldn’t work for me. :-(  Maybe you will have better luck.

Garbage to masterpiece 16

Leather Case Table

Old suitcase, no longer suitable for carrying anything, painted and turned into a small table that would be perfect as a nightstand! The legs are from an old stool!

Garbage to masterpiece 17

Bicycle Tire Belt

Old bicycle tire + drill for holes + buckle from old belt = Bicycle Tire Belt! I can see my boys thinking this was VERY cool! Bicycle enthusiasts would love it!

Garbage to masterpiece 18


And last, but definitely not least (because I think this might be one of my favorites!)….the Ping-shelf for shoes. (I honestly can’t figure out why it’s called a Ping shelf…Anyone??)

I NEED this in my mudroom to get the @#&%$#*&!^% shoes off the floor!!!!  Now to find some suitable metal rods………

Honestly…..I could have gone on and on and on and on with this post! But I’ll leave the rest up to you to discover!  I hope you’ll have as much fun as I did! :-)



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    • says

      It is in German when you first go to the site – but if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page there is a spot to choose your language in the bottom right hand corner.

  1. Julie says

    Would tension rods work for the ping shaft rods? I know this is to recycle/repurpose objects, but I have zero exposure to these ping shaft thingies and until I discover some in a thrift shop some day, I would love to get shoes off the floor now!

  2. Sierra says

    Maybe it’s called a ping shelf because metal pipes make that pinging noice when tapped? That’s the only reason I can think of

  3. says

    Hello Jill!

    Thank you so much for this nice post. We’re glad you enjoy it!
    We are still adding great projects to our upcycling chain with over 800 ideas so far.
    And it’s growing… :)

    All the best, Lisa & Magdalena