How To Darn Socks AND Couches

You know the saying….“no good deed goes unpunished”? 

I’d really like to know where that came from…because sometimes it sure seems to be right on darnsocksthe money!

Which is why instead of extolling the virtues of “Cleaning Your Face With Oil” in tonight’s post (I know, sounds crazy! But now you’re going to have to wait to find out why it’s NOT)………………
I am sitting here Googling “How to Mend Burns In Upholstery”.

No, I’m not a smoker. Why does everyone assume a burn in upholstery MUST have come from a cigarette??

Is it so hard to imagine that there are OTHER ways that people ACCIDENTALLY burn their couches???

Two days ago I excitedly wrote about how I got some pretty nasty stains out of my carpeting using ammonia, water and an iron! Apparently quite of few of you thought it was pretty cool too…because it has already had over 20,000 views. :-)

So, basking in the glow of a successful post that I’m certain will improve the lives of countless people all over the world….I decide to give the carpet stain remover technique another go-round to “show it off” to the hubster.

Area of carpet I STARTED on…but didn’t finish
due to “unfortunate circumstances”.

I had just started on this filthy “high traffic area” in front of one of our couches and was marveling over how well it was working when I got distracted by something and set the iron I was using down on the couch. Not DOWN on the couch…(I mean really…how dumb do you think I am?  Don’t answer that.)…I set it up on it’s end…and walked away.  A few minutes later I hear the hubster saying (in a deceptively calm voice with a distinct tinge of sarcasm)…“I think I’ll just move this iron off the couch ok?”  Uh oh. I think you can surmise the rest of this story.

In an attempt to improve and beautify our home by cleaning the dirty carpet….I had ended up ruining our family’s well-loved family room couch. I think they call that “one step forward and two steps back” or “no good deed goes unpunished”. 

On the UP side?  The house didn’t burn down! And the “burn victim” is a serviceable but OLD piece of furniture that really should be retired anyway. Last but not least, it provided material for this blog post. Although I honestly could have done without this particular “material”.

So…in an effort to salvage this whole debacle… here is some information I found tonight about mending upholstery that is ACTUALLY quite interesting and useful!

Method 1:

Cut a piece of fabric from a hidden (or seldom seen) part of the couch and patch it by

Method 2:
Make a decorative accent to cover the burn spot, like this nifty BIRD, and applique it. Found at

Method 3: (and definitely my favorite!)
Just think of the couch as a GREAT BIG SOCK and DARN IT! 

I think this is the route I’m going to go as a stop-gap measure until we get new couches…which I really am hoping is not too far away. I’ve actually been curious about how to darn (silver lining!) and this tutorial by Mandy at is great!  Complete step-by-step instructions and photos to go along.  As I read it I was wishing I actually had a few holey socks to try it out on. (No worries…there will always be more holey socks in this house!)

Cool Fact From Mandy: After wearing your mended socks the patch will begin to felt together.  It will even out and look pretty. I promise.

Now, I realize my badly scarred couch isn’t a SOCK…but I ran across this tidbit from someone in an online forum that gives me HOPE!!

Barbara writes:

What I’ve done is find some matching knitting yarn, as close in color as possible, and darn the hole. Our couch has a woven-like texture and it was really easy (if you know how to darn), just start (and end) with good strong stitches to secure and darn the normal way, over and under the strands of yarn. It might not have done the trick 100% but it certainly looks better. The finer the yarn, the less noticeable, for a smaller hole.

Bless your heart Barbara!
So I’m off to find some suitable matching knitting yarn….wish me luck!
Of course if all else fails…I can Google “How To Make Your Own Couch Slipcovers”.
NO IRON slipcovers of course.  :-)

And that’s today’s….

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  1. deniseinark says

    So happy for the lil links at the bottom of posts. That’s how I found this one from last winter and I’ve been curious about darning for a long time. This is great and I’ll be using it. When you quoted her about the darned area felting down, I got to thinking it might make a cool looking jeans patch, as well. I’ve been thinking about making a jeans messenger bag and some felted patches might be really cute on it.

  2. Jessica says

    If you trim the ends of the thread from where you began and then where you end, and there are no knots, won’t the thread/yarn/whatever just be pulled out over time? I’m confused….lol

  3. says

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    trwale zepsuły mu dykcję.
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