"Real World" Kitchen Makeover Inspiration

beforeDon’t you just LOVE looking at Before and After home remodeling projects?  If you answered “Yes”, then follow me over to  Remodelaholic.com…have I got a treat for you!

This website is chock full of incredible DIY remodeling projects….but the ones I like best are what I refer to as the“real world”redo’s.

Don’t get me wrong….it’s impressive to look at the makeovers with that WOW factor….but it’s also somewhat intimidating to someone like me. I prefer the ones where I’m impressed and inspired but I also think to myself….I could totally do that! :-)

This KITCHEN is a perfect example! 

The “before” picture is typical of many tract homes…nothing terribly WRONG with them….just lacking style.
(That describes my kitchen to a “T” by the way….the reason I was so drawn to this particular makeover).

The title of the post is, “Kitchen Makeover; Painted Cabinets and a Pop of Color”…and although I am a HUGE fan of WHITE kitchens….WHITE bathrooms, WHITE bedrooms…..etc…I also recognize the need (and yes, appeal) of adding some colorto your life and your kitchen. Her touches of color are just right! Not too much…but enough to make statement.

Case in point: this little breakfast nook. You just can’t argue with results like that.

I’m especially digging how she does white cabinets (which I have always dreamed of) but mixes it up with BLUE cabinets on the bottom only. I would never have thought of that! And this may sound silly….but ever since I saw those cute drawer pulls…I have been obsessed with putting them in my own kitchen!

Everywhere I go that sells hardware stuff…I am on the lookout for them. I actually saw some cute ones at Wal-Mart.com the other day! If I weren’t trying so hard to keep to my Christmas budget…I might have been tempted to buy them and put them in my “someday” closet. But somehow I managed to resist.

Momma always said, “good things come to those who wait.”  Let’s hope momma was right.

This might be my favorite picture of the bunch….because she writes about how long it took her to get the display elements just right and how she kept texting her mom and sister with pictures for advice/input. lol. That so sounds like something I would do.

There is just something about OPEN SHELVING that really appeals to me….but I DO worry about it looking NICE like this for about a day and a half and then just looking messy (like the inside of my CURRENT cabinets) from then on. Oh well, that would be a nice “problem” to have I guess. ;-)

That concludes our sneak peek tour. Head on over to her blog at PretendFancy.com to see even more pictures….and read some of her hilariously funny blog!

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  1. Amber Gallo says

    Jill, you should try to Rustoleum Countertop Transformations… I did them on my kitchen cabinets this summer & they turned out AMAZING!

  2. Catherine's not naturally crafty says

    I like the shelving cabinets but wouldn't like the way it looks after a while; I'm also not naturally neat either. A couple of other options, you can typically knock out the interior panel of those cabinets and then repleace it with….glass, like a seed glass or frosted glass or…? Something else that would have looked really cool is to have repeated the chicken wire in the panels and backed it with a shirred coordinating fabric. That red stripe against a black chicken wire might be really nifty and would have brought the red stripe over from the dining area. Or a few more red punches of color on the display shelves whould be nice too. But altogether it's gorgeous.

  3. Carol aka Big Mama says

    I love the doorless cabinets. I'm actually quite the opposite of most. My clutter is in view – my drawers and cabinets are in order! I'm bassackwards I guess.