Wash Your Face With Oil….I Dare You!

Let’s try this again…shall we? Despite being distracted by the couch-burning episode yesterday…I’m still excited to talk about Washing Your Face With Oil. 
(I have moved all couches out of the vicinity…just in case!)

So let’s see where were we?

Oh yes…washing your face with oil. Sounds like it makes about as much sense as brushing your teeth with sugar….or washing your hands with mud! But what I have come to realize over the years is sometimes the most counter-intuitive ideas turn out to be the BEST ideas!

For example: when my chef friend Heather told me to run my store-bought sourdough baguette under the kitchen faucet before putting it in the oven to warm up...I thought maybe she’d been sampling the cooking sherry. ;-) But sure enough…it came out perfectly.  Crispy and crunchy on the outside…warm and soft on the inside.

Oh Justin…you’re cute…but not
cute enough to make me buy
ProActiv anymore.

So when I first heard about this “Oil Cleansing Method” I tried to keep an open mind. It wasn’t too hard though…because it definitely appealed to my disdain of all things over-priced, over-packaged and over-filled with stuff we can’t pronounce and to my desire to put ProActiv out of business!  haha.  Just kidding.  Kinda.  I have spent a small fortune on their product over the years for my kids…and while I will admit it has been helpful…it is definitely not all those celebrity endorsers make it out to be. And it’s definitely not worth the price you pay for it. Even the facial stuff you buy at Walmart is ridiculously priced nowadays.

But despite my disgust over the high price of all the so-called skin “care” stuff we spend billions on annually on as a country…the more I read about this…the less hostile I felt and the more amazed I was. This stuff just makes sense!

I’ll try to save you all the research I did on the topic and attempt to put it in Reader’s Digest version:

Your skin NATURALLY produces oil for a reason. Oil helps lubricate, heal, protect, and moisturize your skin. Contrary to popular belief (and contrary to what the makers of acne products want you to believe), OIL does not cause acne. Hormones, bacteria, and dirt are to blame for that. So all these products we buy to get rid of the oil…cause our body to compensate by producing MORE oil. Oil that then pools up on skin that is already irritated and inflamed from the chemicals and fragrances in the soaps we are using…no WONDER breakouts occur! It’s a vicious cycle I tell ya!

So when you think about it…replacing the dirty oil on our faces with good quality oil is the perfect solution to so many of our skin problems…including acne.

That is the whole idea “in a nutshell”…but there is a lot more information available if you click here.

My daughter and I got into a spirited discussion about this the other day. Despite the fact that she still battles breakouts…she swears by the pricey ProActiv she’s been using for a couple of years now. For a soon-to-be senior in college, she sure can be dumb sometimes.  J/K Britta! ;-)   To her credit…she agreed that if I bought her the requisite oils to try this out…she would give it the “ol’ college try”. har har.

So we are both taking the challenge and I promise to report back in a few weeks.
(Do you think it’s unrealistic to think my skin 
will look like this by then??)  ;-)   

If you are interested in taking the challenge too….here is the “recipe” for making your own blend of deep cleansing oil from TheOilCleansingMethod.com.

Once again, I would direct you to TheOilCleansingMethod.com for DETAILED instructions on this “method”. (I feel I must warn you however, she gets a bit metaphysical about the whole experience. I found myself rolling my eyes a little…but you might like that sorta thing.  Just so ya know….)

Basically it boils down to 4 simple steps: (love simple steps!)

  1. Mix cleansing oils
  2. Rub/massage it in for about a minute (BONUS: it’s a great eye makeup remover too!)
  3. STEAM face with VERY warm washcloth until cloth cools.
  4. Wash/wipe off oil

So there you have it….all the information and How-To you need to get started.  Now go wash your face with some oil….I dare ya! :-)


update: january 6, 2012

I said I would update after 14 days…but I couldn’t wait! I will update again in another week…but today…just a little over a week after she started using it…my daughter was raving over this new oil cleansing method! I could hardly believe it! She said her face is already MUCH clearer and her face isn’t dry or oily…but just right.
I tried….I really, really TRIED not to say “I told you so!”…but I may have let one slip out. :-)  She was a good sport about it though.  She didn’t really care because she is so pleased with the results!
So there you have it.  Quick update half way through our 14 Day Challenge.  More in another week!

update: january 13, 2012

In my continuing research of this method…(which I am becoming more and more sold on!) I found a WEALTH of information HERE at acne.org on the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Oil Cleansing Method. I suggest you check it out if you want even MORE information.

The main thing I wanted to add to MY post about this was another alternative to the oil you can use.

          From acne.org:

The basic OCM blend is of castor oil and extra virgin olive oil. Castor oil is fantastic at drawing dirt, bacetria and other nasty stuff trapped in your pores, while healing your skin. Extra virgin olive oil works as a moisturizer and is fortified with antioxidants.
The ratio of castor oil to EVOO will vary depending on the person. The typical starting ratio is 50/50 castor oil to EVOO. For oily or acne-prone skin, a ratio of 75% castor oil to 25% EVOO will work better. For dry or flaky skin, a ratio 25% castor oil to 75% EVOO is good.
However, you should find the right blend for you. A lot of OCM users cut out the EVOO all together–especially those with oily or acne-prone skin, since it is a heavier oil and in rare cases has even caused people to break out. Many people replace it with other oils like Grapeseed oil, which is light, quick to absorb and is known for its astringent properties. Jojoba oil is another popular choice because it is a great natural moisturizer, is non-comedogetic and mimics the skin’s own natural sebum. Other popular oils are Avocado oil, Apricot Kernal oil and Evening Primrose oil–all have extremely low pore-clogging probabilities.
I use 60% castor oil, 20% grapeseed oil and 20% jojoba oil. I also add Tea Tree oil, which is a great antiseptic and is popularly used as treatment for acne. Another great oil to use for acne-prone/oily skin is Hazelnut oil, which I, personally, will be trying out next (swapping out the grapeseed for it).”

And that’s today’s….

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  1. koryshar says

    Thanks Jill, interested to know how she likes it and how much of a balance she is able to restore to her complexion. :)

  2. Anonymous says

    do you use it everyday to wash with or just a few times a week? I want to to this when my face wash runs out! Thanks for all of your great tips and ideas!

  3. Jill Nystul says

    Shannon…Thanks for the info on the olive oil or coconut oil. Good to know those are easy to find alternatives too. :-)

    Anony…I purchased my sunflower oil and castor oil at the grocery store. :-) The castor oil is in the pharmacy section.

    koryshar… she LOVES the stuff! Which is so funny…because I practically had to blackmail her to try it! lol. I will post about it in a few days when our "14 day challenge" is done. She was adamant that nothing could work as well as Proactiv (which wasn't actually working that well for her) but now she is sold on this.

    Anony…I use it every OTHER day. Believe it or not…it's too drying for me if I use it every day. Crazy huh? ;-) I can't believe this works…but it does! And I can't believe I don't have to buy face wash anymore! love it!

  4. SusieLee says

    I am going to try this. I can't wait to read your 14 day update. It seems logical. Currently I am using a face wash that is supposed to get rid of oil and also contains antibacterial ingredients and then I slather my face with an oil free moisturizer because somewhere along the way society demonized oil, both topically and dietary. I am trying to get out of that way of thinking and eat healty oils on purpose and this seems right along the same path. Thanks for the idea. And, btw, I LOVE your blog, just discovered it yesterday from Pinterest.

  5. Briana says

    I've been moisturizing and cleaning my face with oil every day for over two years and my skin has been amazing ever since. If I ever get a random zit, I put tea tree oil on it, twice a day, my skin looks amazing b/c of this. So, here is one proof that this words! My magic mixture is extra virgin olive oil, small bit of tea tree oil, and a small bit of vitamin e oil

  6. Jill Nystul says

    Briana…that is exactly what my daughter has been using during our "14 day challenge". The daughter I had to bribe to take the challenge in the first place. lol. And she is AMAZED at how well it's working. Time for an update soon! Stay tuned. And thanks for sharing!!! I am LOVING the oil cleansing thing. I'm shocked really.

  7. rhondav says

    I am going to try this! I try to use natural everything: not marketing natural, but God made natural ;-).

  8. Jenny says

    Jill I saw you use this every other day, what do you do on the days you aren't using oil? Thanks!

  9. Jill Nystul says

    Jenny…good question. On the days I don't use the oil…I simple use a washcloth and warm water. (I still use the oil to take off eye make up though.)

    That being said….after further research…there is nothing wrong with using this every day if you aren't having any side effects. I suspect my oil ratios might be a bit "off" since if I use it every day it's too drying. I may have to experiment a bit. :-)

    Hope this helps! (fyi…I added an update to this post today. see above.)


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