Creative Ideas For Celebrating New Year’s Eve At Home!


I don't know about you....but I'm not much of a New Year's Eve partier. Since moving to a smaller town several years ago, we now live a good 30-45 minutes away from the "big city", and the prospect of driving that far on "the deadliest night of the year" has never been very appealing. But staying home on New Year's ... Continue Reading

Berry “Upside-Down” Cake {Gluten Free}

blueberry upside down cake

Yesterday, No. 1 son asked me if he could borrow my car for a little while. I, of course, let him and didn't think another thing about it until later when I discovered he had taken my filthy car through the car wash AND filled the wiper fluid reservoir (which was empty)! What a kid! :-) I'm not sure what I did to deserve ... Continue Reading

Fight Flu Season! Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

homemade hand sanitizer

(Update on a post originally written on December 31, 2011) Since we are smack dab in the middle of flu season...I think we are all more mindful of how important it is to wash our hands....OFTEN! I personally love my homemade foaming hand soap I keep at the sink, and use it OFTEN. But soap and water hand washing isn't always ... Continue Reading

More Creative Ways To Recycle Old T-Shirts!

recycling tshirts

I can't believe it took me TWO DAYS...but yesterday I FINALLY had a chance to take my Christmas present from Santa out of the box and try it out! I had so much fun! It couldn't have come at a better time because today I am appearing on a local television talk show called Good Things Utah. The producers and I decided something ... Continue Reading

My Homemade Laundry Products “Cheat Sheet”

Jillee's Laundry Chart

I've had a few people lately ask me about my favorite homemade laundry products. Well, I've posted about a LOT of laundry products...and I like them ALL, or I wouldn't have bothered to share them with you. But, that being said, I do have a handful that I use on a regular basis that instead of just giving you a bunch of links ... Continue Reading

Simple, All-Natural Cold and Flu Soothers

lemon honey tea

We have been very fortunate so far this year in the illness department. *knock on wood* We haven't had any colds or flu to speak of, but when I was in the E.R. yesterday morning with a kidney stone attack, I asked the nurse treating me what kinds of things they had been seeing lately in the E.R. While the number one thing ... Continue Reading

Random Acts of Kindness…Easier Said Than Done…But So Rewarding!

giving back

What an unexpected, crazy, amazing, and special Christmas Eve Day we had! It started out UNEXPECTEDLY at 3 am with an emergency room visit. :-/  I was woken from sleep with the most incredible pain I've ever experienced in my life. Turns out I had a kidney stone...first one ever. THANKFULLY a Dilaudid push eased the pain and ... Continue Reading