Introducing "The Tie Buddy"

Do you or someone in your life have to wear a shirt and tie on a regular or semi-regular basis? While I don't personally wear one . . . I have 4 "men" in my life who do, including the hubster, who has the "honor" of wearing one ALMOST every day of the week, except Saturday. If you knew the hubster, like I know the hubster . . . ... Continue Reading

I’ve Got Hang-Ups! Organizing With Hooks!

A few weeks ago I went to the store to get a couple of hooks to use on the inside of the cupboard door underneath my kitchen sink. I wanted to be able to hang wet towels there to dry before I tossed them into the dirty laundry basket. Well, when I got to the store and was perusing the hardware section I became intrigued with ... Continue Reading

Make Your Own Sprinkles!

I love making cookies for Valentine's Day ALMOST as much as I do for Christmas! I think it has something to do with all the pink and red and white colors. :-) Makes me happy!So here's today's Afternoon "bump" for your cookie-making inspiration!Originally posted on 8/21/2011:TheKitchn.comBecause sometimes you just need to make ... Continue Reading

And the winner of the "Clean Sweep" Giveaway is…..

You will soon be the lucky owner of an Oreck Grab-It and Steam-It that will change your life!! ;-) Please send me an email at with your address. (If prize is not claimed in 72 hours...a new winner will be chosen.)A heartfelt "THANK YOU!" to everyone who entered! More FABULOUS ... Continue Reading

World’s Easiest Boiled Eggs {Unless You’re Me}

how to peel boiled eggs

It's pretty embarrassing when you come across an article online entitled "World's Easiest Boiled Eggs" and then proceed to totally screw them up! I kid you not. I was SO excited when I found this information at because one of my LEAST favorite things to do when making something that requires hard-boiled eggs ... Continue Reading

The Secret To Perfect Shredded Chicken In Seconds!

Perfect Shredded Chicken

I ran across this idea on Pinterest (shocking huh?) awhile ago and have been using this method for "perfect shredded chicken" ever since. This one definitely falls under the "why didn't I think of that?" category.  But hey, at least SOMEONE did! And now all of us can benefit from it! So that's why I'm posting it here, for ... Continue Reading

Simple Valentine Cards For Kids

Printable Candy BoxesWhen I was at the store today doing my typical Saturday afternoon grocery shopping...I noticed several Moms with their kids looking at the Valentine's section....and it occurred to me....VALENTINE'S DAY IS IN TWO WEEKS!Yikes!  How the heck did THAT happen???  This winter has been SO MILD that I ... Continue Reading