"Clean Sweep" Giveaway! Win An Oreck Grab-It and Steam-It!

Do you ever have conversations like this with your “significant other”??

“Hon, if you unload the dishwasher…I’ll fill it.”
“Hon, if you fold the clothes in the dryer….I’ll transfer the clothes from the washer and start another load.”
“Hon, if you vacuum….I’ll dust.”
or (and this is the one I use the most!)
“Hon, if you will sweep…I’ll mop!”

Well, I guess those are less CONVERSATION and more NEGOTIATION on my part to get the hubster to help me out with some of my least favorite tasks…..including the dreaded sweeping/mopping detail.

Oh how I hate to sweep AND mop! 

I know it sounds a little crazy…but I don’t mind sweeping….and I really don’t mind mopping (except that in order to mop you really can’t skip the sweeping part, unfortunately)…but I hate doing BOTH! It is the main reason I will procrastinate this particular chore until it really is bordering on unseemly (or until my kids start complaining their feet/socks are sticking to the floor!). *sigh* Then I start the much hated process.

  • Put all chairs, stools, trash cans, shoes, laundry baskets, rugs, JUNK, up on counters or on table or throw outside into the snow.
  • Break out the broom and dust pan and sweep. Don’t forget inside pantry door in kitchen and storage closet in mudroom/laundry room (how do those get so much crap in them anyway? Nobody even walks in there!)
  • Sweep all debris into corner…making sure to corral the air soft gun pellets that will bounce off the wall and ricochet back across the room again!
  • Inspect debris pile for stray change…pocket the change for a big Diet Coke on ice reward later for doing this horrible job.
  • Marvel at how many blood glucose strips are in the debris pile and puzzle over why the 16 year old can never seem to get them into the trash can.
  • Realize you are procrastinating the mopping….sweep debris into dust pan…throw into trash can on top of counter.
  • Hunt down mop (that for some reason never seems to be where I put it last)…fill sink with hot water, soap and bleach.
  • Dunk mop…squeeze out…marvel at how the water is already dirty and you haven’t even started mopping yet.
  • Mop dining area….rinse….squeeze….mop kitchen proper….rinse….squeeze….try not to notice how dirty and gross the water is that you just RINSED in….finish mopping in laundry room.
  • Find yourself mopped into a corner….go out the garage door….try to come back in the front door….find yourself locked out of your own home.
  • Sit down on front step and think to yourself….I quit drinking too soon!

KIDDING!!!! Couldn’t resist that last line. ;-) It’s one of those lines we tend to use in our house when we are frustrated and tensions are running high…just to inject a little levity. I’m not sure it translates here. lol.

Anyway…..I think you get the picture! I really, really, really, really, really DISLIKE sweeping and mopping. Give me a pile of clothes a mile high to fold….but please don’t make me sweep AND mop.

So…when the Oreck people asked if I was interested in trying out their new “Grab It and Steam It” Turbo Broom and Steam Mop I thought maybe it was some sort of cruel joke! There couldn’t possibly be a device out there that addressed my most dreaded homekeeping chore! Could there?????

Ladies and gentlemen…I’m hear to tell you that YES…there is. I’m pretty sure the people in R & D at Oreck must have had me in mind when they came up with the Grab-It and Steam-It. I don’t know how they knew…they just did. Or….maybe I’m not the only one who feels this way about sweeping/mopping. hmmmm….

So…I have to be completely upfront about this…given my serious aversion to sweeping/mopping…pretty much ANYTHING someone comes up with to replace it is going to be A-OK in my book! But, I promise I will TRY and give this product an honest and forthcoming review.

So here we go…my observations…in no particular order…..

#1 SUPER easy to put together right out of the box. Seriously easy. I considered asking the hubster for help but soon realized how ridiculous that would be since it literally involved snapping the handle onsnapping the steamer pad thingie onto the bottom….filling the water thingie with water…and plugging it in/turning it on!

#2 At first I was too nervous to actually try the “grabbing” and the “steaming” at the same time…so I just ran it around the kitchen as a turbo broom. It has excellent sucking abilities…but if you’re looking for a something that will grab stuff right up against the wall or in corners…this isn’t that something. However, anything in it’s unencumbered path was immediately sucked up into the little removable receptacle. Including licorice snaps and blood glucose strips. (How did THOSE get on the floor???)

#3 I tentatively approached the steaming part…because I have actually never owned a steamer. I’ve always wanted one…just never found the right one at the right price before. I started out on LOW…but soon was craving MORE and cranked that baby up to HIGH. Perfect…lots of steam…got the floor plenty wet…but not too wet. I even used it on the section of our kitchen floor that is directly under our “milk shake making station” (I have a child who thinks milk shakes are part of the 4 food groups…well I guess technically they are) that had dried on globs of ice cream spilled on it. That stuff does NOT come up easily. I didn’t count but I’d guesstimate about 10 short strokes with the thing on HIGH steam and the globs were gone.

Laundry/mudroom “before”

#4 I saved the nastiest area for last…the laundry/mudroom. I didn’t prepare the room in any way, except to get EVERYTHING up off the floor. I’m particularly proud of all that dirt where the rug was. :-/ Before I tackled this area though, I changed out the microfiber cloth for a clean one (it comes with two) because I knew it was going to need it! And I was right. The thing was FILTHY when I was done (see picture above)….BUT…the floor in my admittedly small laundry/mudroom was completely clean. As a matter of fact…the floor looked so nice when I was done it made my BASEBOARDS look extra dirty…which led to more cleaning….but hey…it was a small price to pay.

Laundry/mudroom “after”

Overall impressionWHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE??? With the exception of the inability to suck up dirt in corners and being a bit of an upper arm workout (not that I couldn’t USE more of that!) this floor cleaning tool was everything I could have hoped for. Simple to operatenicely compacteffective. Some might suggest my standards aren’t high enough here….but like I said at the beginning of this…anything that addresses one of my LEAST FAVORITE household chores (and my guess is I’m not alone in this) is going to be given more than it’s fair shake by me. :-)

Wow……..I have written the blog equivalent of a novel tonight. I guess I was feeling extra chatty for some reason. My apologies to those who came here looking for the GIVEAWAY and had to slog through all this first. :-)

Now, on to the good stuff! Would you like to own one of these beauties for your very own self?
Of course you would!

Here’s how to enter (there are a few specific REQUIREMENTS, so pay attention and get ready to take notes! I’m kidding…it’s not that hard):


Mandatory Entry:
Visit Oreck.com and tell me one thing in the comments that you learned about the 
Oreck Grab-it & Steam-it
Want to increase your chances to win?? You can do any and ALL of the following:
(Please leave a separate comment for each additional entry)


- Follow One Good Thing By Jillee on Twitter – 1 ENTRY
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- Contest will close at 11:59 p.m. MST on Sunday, January 29th, 2012! The winner will be drawn at random on Monday, January 30th.
- Contest open to U.S. residents only.
I received a Steam-It from Oreck to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.


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  1. rnsidell says

    Let me just say that I share your hatred of sweeping AND mopping. I have an entire house (living room, dining room, kitchen, bath, mud/laundry room, hallway, 3 bedrooms)that has to be swept AND mopped at least once a week, twice in the summer when everyone wears their shoes through the whole house. I was completely unaware that such an appliance as the Oreck Grab-it & Steam-it even existed. It really seems like an answer to soooo many prayers! I took a little field trip to orek.com and learned that the water tank holds 21oz. which should equal about 30 minutes of steam. I wonder how long it would take to clean all of my floors?

  2. Martha in Georgia says

    This sweeper/steam mop looks amazing. I visited Oreck's website and was tickled to find that it was NOT for use on drywall or automobile exteriors! LOL!!! I was pleased to see that it would be appropriate for my sealed hardwood floors.

  3. Deanna says

    I learned it weighs 9.6# when filled w/water, heats up quickly AND heats high enough to reduce bacteria. Who knew?! I, too, am part of the 'hate sweeping/mopping' club. (hangs head in shame)I'd love to win this and impress the heck out of my fam w/my newly impressive cleaning abilities. :)I'm already a fan on facebook.

  4. Trisha Johnson says

    I am a fan on Facebook as well. I learned that it shouldn't be used on cars. Which I thought was funny………..that means someone tried to use it on a car with bad results. HA HA.

  5. Lynn Faulkner says

    I learned that the Oreck Grab-It & Steam-It "Works on hard floor surfaces and low pile carpet." I have carpet areas that seriously need this kind of help, and I'm very reluctant to put any kind of soapy product on carpets – it just leaves residue that attracts more dirt! So, steaming is THE way to go!

  6. Kat says

    I love that it lease no toxic residue and does a "dry" steam. With 4 kids and a husband my floors are just never clean enough for my taste. Trying to find time to mop and keep people off the clean floor is impossible. Please, please please I need one of these!

  7. Jennifer says

    I learned that it can hold 21 ounces of water that will provide about 30 minutes of steam. That is alot of cleaning for me! I have ceramic and tile flooring all over my house! With two kids, a dog, three cats, and a hubby, I am always sweeping and/or mopping. It will be nice to have one tool to do it all!

  8. Rosemarie says

    I learned men & women alike LOVe this thing! & it should be much better then the Shark products I have owned & shortly broke after a few months of use.
    Love Oreck! My comment came from the reviewers!

  9. Carmen says

    I learned it should work on my bamboo floors since they are sealed and not and engineered product. I wonder why the steamers aren't safe for laminate and engineered flooring since many people are choosing these floors these days. Hum….

  10. JTruex says

    •Weighs 9.6 pounds when filled with water, one thing I learned about the grab and steam. I would have to save up my money to buy one of these but if it really worked, it would be worth it. Hope I win. :)

  11. Anonymous says

    I too, dread to vacuum and mop. I have been looking into steamers ever since I read your post on cleaning linoleum with the steam from an iron! LOVED IT! The Oreck Grab It and Steam It would cut my cleaning time in half! With the 30 foot cord and 30 minutes of steaming, I could clean my kitchen floors in no time!
    I love your blog. Thank you for taking time time every day to post. It makes my day!
    Rachel Wilson


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