Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Creative Uses For The Common Bandana

While looking for bandana fabrics for a quilting block I was asked to make, I ran across this bandanaamazing post with no less than 42 different things to make with these versatile, paisley-printed squares.

The beautiful thing about bandanas…you can find them in almost every conceivable color for usually about a buck a piece.  Hard to argue with that logic!

I knew I wanted to share this and decided I would share my top ten favorites….but I couldn’t pick just ten….so here are…



Bandana Table Cloth


Bandana Table Runner



Bandana Pinwheel Napkins



Bandana Apron


Bandana Halter Top



Bandana Skirt



So MANY ways to craft with the trusty Bandana!  No wonder it’s been around since pirates roamed the seas! :-)

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4 thoughts on “Creative Uses For The Common Bandana

  1. Jill D.

    Do you know the actual link to the bracelet pictured above? I cannot find it anywhere. The link it goes to is an article on Country Living, but the bracelet is not a part of the crafts pictured. I also went to the list of bandana crafts on and her link just goes to a flickr pic with no instructions. I have lot of girls in my family to buy for and I would really like to make these cute bracelets for them. Thanks!


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