DIY Clothespin Magnets!

DIY Clothespin Magnets 7

I don’t know about everyone else….but I NEVER seem to have enough magnets on my fridge. I’m not sure what happens to them (I suspect they are hanging out with the missing SOCKS somewhere)…but when I need to put some sort of reminder up there…I have to steal a magnet from something else. Then all of a sudden THAT thing is falling down and after several failed attempts I feel like swearing! ;-)

So when I saw this idea at I knew I HAD to make some a bunch!

This kind of crafting is right up my alley. Quick, easy, and only a few “ingredients”. I made a dozen of these in about half an hour.

The post on used fabric to cover the clothespins and didn’t add the magnets. But I decided on some cute scrapbook paper…..and I HAD to have magnets!

So here is my version:

DIY Clothespin Magnets 2

Ingredients: clothespins, cute paper, double-sided tape, magnetic tape strips.

DIY Clothespin Magnets 3

Trace one of the clothespins then cut out. Use that piece as a template to cut out the rest of the paper pieces you’ll need. I decided on a an even dozen…for now.

DIY Clothespin Magnets 4

Put a piece of double-sided tape on one side of the clothespin.

DIY Clothespin Magnets 5

Press piece of paper onto tape. Trim any excess paper and or tape.

DIY Clothespin Magnets 6

Cut strips of magnet tape to fit and apply to other side of clothespin.

DIY Clothespin Magnets 7

And….you’re DONE!

DIY Clothespin Magnets 8

Use on fridge for various VIP’s (very important papers!) Or just put them up cuz they’re cute! :-)

DIY Clothespin Magnets 9

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  1. Demaroge says

    @Jillee ~ There is something to be said for raising a family when you're "poor." LOL! I came up with all kinds of cool uses for things I used to throw away!

    Those magnets are also AWESOME for making letters, numbers and picture cutouts to teach your kiddos to read and write, too! I would use pics of things to "fill in" the sentences.

    Ex: T H E [pic of cat] S A T IN THE [pic of window] [pic of cat] L I K E S the [pic of sun]

    Works great!

    I am sure I will think of other "amazing" ideas! Hahaha!

  2. BrittanyCoy says

    So I had a ton of clothes pins from my wedding shower and recently Walmart had their “teachers supplies” for .25 cents clearance with tons of locker magnets. Soo in the need to decorate for fall/Halloween I painted these close pins with cute pumpkin ghost and even made a turkey for turkey day!! My daughter loved to help. And just cut up the magnets and glued them to my pins!! So with stuff on hand I made the cutest fall kitchen accessory an plan to do it for Christmas and Spring!!

  3. Krissy says

    Making these for teacher gifts for Christmas but I’m going to modge podge the paper. Thanks for another great idea!

  4. Barb says

    I came across this idea in a magazine the other day, it also used fabric for the covering. I needed something for a party favor for a Christmas party and loved this idea! I decided to use Christmas ribbon for the covering and attached a little foam or felt Christmas themed cutout for decoration Adorable! I am sure the guests will love them as much as I do!