Introducing "The Tie Buddy"

Do you or someone in your life have to wear a shirt and tie on a regular or semi-regular basis? While I don’t personally wear one . . . I have 4 “men” in my life who do, including the hubster, who has the “honor” of wearing one ALMOST every day of the week, except Saturday. If you knew the hubster, like I know the hubster . . . you would feel for the guy. ;-)  Let’s just say wearing a shirt and tie are NOT his favorite things.

However, if you DO find it necessary to wear one (even only occasionally) . . . The Tie Buddy can be your best friend!  It’s basically a necktie restraint . . . . to keep unruly ties out of your food or out of your face on a windy day . . . without the need to clamp on some sort of metallic device.

I spent entirely too much time tonight trying to come up with a helpful graphic that shows exactly how this buddy works . . . . but I’m not exactly sure how successful I was. lol.  Hopefully you’ll be able to figure it out!

How To Make Your Own Tie Buddy 

Didn’t I tell you?  NIFTY huh?  Now the tie-wearing person in your life can look neat and professional all the time. :-)

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  1. Patty Reininger says

    Absolutely BRILLIANT just like YOU!!!! Love this idea, my husband no longer has to wear a tie but there are others in the family and friends circle that are going to benefit from your expertise after I make them some. And what a way to “again” use an old shirt before it goes to the rag pile…… Love it.

  2. says

    My husband introduced me to these and I thought they were brilliant! He calls them ‘tie savers.’ He also dresses up in a shirt and tie often but he actually prefers it, which is strange to me! I love your website!

  3. says

    Good idea. Although at the begining I just looked at the pictures and i was confuse because the last shirt is the same colour as the old one. Maybe using a different color for the people who dont take the time to read like me hehe nah seriously its a great idea. Ill make one for the men in my life.

  4. Jenny says

    This is an awesome idea! My husband always wants to wear a tie tac-(which pokes holes in and messes up ties) or a grandfather looking tie bar to keep his tie in place! I’m going to make these for everyone in our family! Great idea!

  5. Cathy says

    I just saw this and had to take a closer look. Then I noticed that no one had made a comment! I can’t believe that! I don’t usually leave comments but I am today. You are so clever! What a neat idea! I wish I had thought of it myself! The Tie Buddy is a great idea! :)

    • says

      Thanks Cathy! I think this post was one of those that kind of got lost in the shuffle when the website was moved from Blogger to WordPress. But I’m so glad you found it and you liked it! :-) I thought it was pretty ingenious myself! ;-)

      Thanks again for leaving a comment.