I’ve Got Hang-Ups! Organizing With Hooks!

A few weeks ago I went to the store to get a couple of hooks to use on the inside of the cupboard door underneath my kitchen sink. I wanted to be able to hang wet towels there to dry before I tossed them into the dirty laundry basket.

Well, when I got to the store and was perusing the hardware section I became intrigued with the variety of hook options there are out there! I had no idea! 

They’ve got hooks for every conceivable hanging need.  And even better, if you go with the 3M Command Brand hooks,
they are all completely removable and won’t damage whatever you decide to hang them on (just in case you decide it was a lame idea in the first place).

The little wheels in my head began spinning with the possibilities. The two little hooks I went to buy suddenly turned into MANY hooks! I bought the ones you see here on my FIRST trip to the store…and then went back for more. lol.

First I addressed the hooks for under the kitchen sink. I added the two I initially wanted….and then decided to add two more to the opposite cupboard door. You never know….I might need them!

I was off and running! Next I attacked the inside of the pantry door where I came up with the BRILLIANT (to me at least) idea to put a hook to hang my broom and dust pan on! Currently they were propped up just inside the pantry door, always in the way of something.

Once the broom and dust pan were hung up I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done this YEARS ago! SO simple!

By the way…putting these puppies up is ridiculously easy. Literally ONE, TWO, THREE and you’re done.  No need for hammers or screwdrivers or tools of any kind! (Unless you count your thumb as a tool, which technically you could I guess.)

The next thing I decided to tackle was one of my pet peeves…no designated place to put my purse. Usually it ends up on top of the clothes washer, on the kitchen table or on the phone desk. It seems to always be in the way AND never where I thought I left it!
Not anymore! Now it has a place of “honor” directly inside the door in our laundry/mudroom that leads to the garage. I hang it up the second I come in…and grab it the second before I leave. And I ALWAYS know where it is! Once again…I cannot help asking myself…why did I wait so long?!

Since I was in the laundry/mudroom I decided to address a couple of other areas I thought were in need of some hanging options.
I decided to attach a couple of hooks to the inside of the cupboard above my washing machine to hang my new prized possessions….my microfiber cleaning cloths! I wanted to keep those babies in a place where they would be “safe” from the uneducated in my household who might grab them to use for changing the oil in the car or something equally nefarious! I love my “boys”, but I don’t trust them to know the difference between an expensive microfiber cleaning cloth and a ratty old rag. You know what I mean??

And finally in the laundry/mudroom I decided to hang up two hooks on opposite cupboards to hang a small “clothesline” of sorts…..for those times I have a piece of laundry I just don’t want to put in the dryer. I know it looks a little odd, but I LOVE IT! And the great thing is it’s completely removable. I can take it down and put it back up any time my little heart desires. When the hubster saw this…I think he began to worry I was “losing it”.

But then he went into our bathroom and was CONVINCED I had already LOST IT!

Honestly, I thought this was a BRILLIANT idea! He thinks it’s ridiculous. What do YOU think??? Feel free to be honest…I won’t be offended if you think I’m a few cards short of a full deck like the hubster does. Because you’re probably right. But that doesn’t change the fact that I LOVE this idea! lol.  I HATED that brush holder thingie that sat on the floor and was always gross. Of course I might “come to my senses” sometime down the road…and then the beauty of completely REMOVABLE HOOKS will come into play. :-)

And that concludes the grand tour of all my “hang-ups”.  For now.  I still have half a dozen hooks I haven’t used yet….I’m sure I’ll conjure up something else for the hubster to shake his head at. :-)

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  1. Anonymous says

    I have also had trouble removing the hooks on certain surfaces. I did read a blog that said if you heat it up really well on a high heat setting of a blow dryer that it will soften and let go a lot easier. The ideas of hanging the toilet brush and litter scoop over the trash are great! Where I use them is inside cabinet doors and regular doors. On my pantry door I put up a see through door organizer and stash a bunch of little and random pantry items. I also punch two small holes in the back of the cardboard box that my garbage sacks come in and hang them by the wire style hooks on the inside of cabinet door. Last, I used plastic magazine holders that had kind of an open weave on the side that I hung from the wire hooks. They hold phone books, plastic wrap, foil, etc. I love these things! And NO nail holes. Vicki from MO

  2. Erinn says

    I think the clothesline idea is brilliant. I think I'll put one up over my bathtub for washcloths.

  3. Jule Barta says

    I love these hooks and have been using them for years. I have never had a problem with them sticking when I was trying to remove them. In fact I have had more problems with them coming unstuck when I didn't want them to. This usually happens after about a year. So just be careful if you hang something breakable. I also love using the Velcro strips to hang pictures. It keeps them in place and allows me to easily readjust without putting multiple holes in the wall. I can also easily take down the frames to change the pictures or reorganize.

    • says

      I find that they hold best if you wipe the area to hang them with an alcohol prep pad and allow that to air dry for a few minutes. I also learned (the hard way) that you should NOT use these on walls or surfaces that are subject to extreme temperature variations (ie walls that have the exterior on the other side and no insulation or concrete walls that are part of the exterior walls). I used to work in the basement of a building and one of my office walls was painted concrete that had the (no climate control) stairwell on the other side. That wall got so cold in the winter that **all** of my pictures and other hanging items fell off the wall. They all fell at once while I was at work and was rather startling to experience. LOL Thankfully only one of the items was breakable and it survived the fall without breakage because it was hanging over my head. Not so great for my head. :p
      We recently came up with a new use for our hooks. I sell AVON and we stuff all of our magalogs and brochures in the door hanger bags to hand out. We hang the door hanger bags from one large hook on the door for storage, and we move one batch of door hanger bags to another hook to hold them as we stuff the bags. (That way we don’t overload the 3M adhesive beyond it’s weight limit.) We use hooks all over the home and LOVE these 3M hooks. Love the idea of the indoor clothes line.

  4. Christina says

    Niiice post, hook utopia, I have to stop reading or I am going to have too many projects to do. lol. Thanks for all of the tips, love the wash cloths hook and purse one, easy and done! Love it!

  5. Marissa says

    We find these on clearance at Michaels ALL THE TIME. Not the typical place to look, but they always seem to be there.

  6. Lydia says

    I don’t remember where I got the idea, but you can use the hooks to hang curtains with their rods on. It’s still a little bit of a work in progress, because I use them in my bedrooms with no problems but I’m having a bit of a difficulty in keeping the living room curtain up, I’ll get it worked out eventually :)

  7. Amy Rogers says

    I love, love, LOVE the little clotheslines in the laundry room. If I didn’t have cabinets above my washer & dryer I would do this, too. Now I’m trying to figure out a good place to do this. Thanks for the brilliant idea! Love your blog!

  8. Jane says

    I absolutely love your blog AND your wonderful sense of humour. While reading, I have laughed out loud at some of the things you have said and I see myself in here as well. I have actually been at the computer for oh…. a couple of hours? Reading. taking notes, leaving to try out things I have read and like a boomerang… I’m back! You have such a gift and I want to thank you for sharing it. I have definitely bookmarked this site and will be back again and again. That is if I ever do leave. Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

    • may mcdivitt says

      I have also been here at the computer for a few hrs now. I started yesterday and got right back on the site today. Love Jillee and her ideas. Also been taking notes, etc just like u. lol..

  9. says

    The toilet brush – I do the same thing only I placed the hook on the side of the tank – the brush hangs free over the trash can (due to the slant of the tank, and the trash catches any drips) and does not actually touch the tank (or the wall like yours does). I feel that this helps it dry better and is probably more sanitary (I know where that brush has been, lol!)

  10. holly says

    Great ideas! I use one of the clip hang ups to hold rubber gloves on the inside of my under sink cabinet in the kitchen.