The Little Things That Say "I Love You"

the little things

A couple of weeks ago…for no apparent reason…my husband started doing the oddest thing. Every night (OK, early morning), when I would finally stumble down the hallway to my bedroom after working on my website, etc…I would go to climb into bed and my side of the bed would be perfectly turned down...just like at a fancy hotel. My white sheets gleaming in the pale moonlight, inviting me to rest my weary bones for awhile.

I have to say, when you are practically delirious from lack of sleep (much like I feel as I type this)…just the simple act of trying to find where the covers are on your bed in the dark can be a monumental and somewhat frustrating task. This seemingly “little” gesture has really been appreciated more than I think the hubster will ever know.

I really do firmly believe that it’s “the little things” in life and in relationships that add up to mean the most in the long run. I believe that the most successful marriages, partnerships, friendships, etc must have this idea figured out.

But in this crazy, busy life we live in, it’s so easy to forget “the little things” that eventually make up the “BIG THINGS”….like a long, happy and successful relationship.

So, since Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away….why don’t we get a jump on things, and start showing our loved ones how much we care now…so that when they get that heart-shaped box of chocolates and card from the grocery store…they will know those are just the “tokens” of our affection. They will know by the “little things” that they are loved always and not just on February 14th.

OK…I’ll start out….but then I really would love it if you would chime in with a “little thing” or two of your own.

the little things 2

**** Have your sweetie’s favorite snacks on hand. 
In the case of our house…if there is always vanilla ice cream in the freezer and spanish peanuts and chocolate syrup in the pantry…the hubster (with a sweet tooth the size of Mount Rushmore) is a happy camper.

**** Try to honor Pet Peeves whenever possible. 

**** Wash their car and put gas in it…for no apparent reason.
I know this from personal experience. It’s one of my favorite “little things” the hubster does for me!

**** For guys:  Watch a “chick flick”. For girls: Watch a “shoot ’em up” movie…without complaint.

the little things 3

**** Grab his or her hand and hold it whenever possible.

**** Very first thing when your or your sweetie get home from work, seek out the other person and give them a kiss and a hug! VERY FIRST THING.  

My Dad always did this with my Mom and I will never forget it. Not only does this serve to strengthen you and your sweethearts relationship…it’s giving the next generation an example to live up to.

OK… it’s your turn!!  (I’ll keep adding as I think of more).


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  1. Menay says

    I am recently engaged, but I still feel it is never too early to start cherishing your relationship and making sure your man knows you love him. He will help out with chores that are technically considered mine(we split chores to make it easier) and he will also give me the most wonderful back and neck massages from time to time. After a long day of work there is nothing better then relaxing and getting massage. I in turn wash his car and also make his favorite foods atleast 2x a month. I also will watch his favorite war movies with him and have started a football snack tradition whenever his favorite team is playing. It means so much to him.

  2. Marianne says

    I make homemade bread for my guys. I honestly don’t see anything that special about it, but when they come home in the afternoon and smell the bread baking, it’s Christmas for them. So I will continue doing it.

  3. says

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  4. BlaiR says

    I just got married back in may, something I like to do for my husband is write with a dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror every night before I go to bed, telling him how much I love and appreciate him. And since he’s up first, he gets greeted with my love even when I’m still snuggled up in the bed being lazy :) lol He responds with the best love ever…he makes me coffee :D he he

  5. Bev says

    My husband and I leave little love notes for each other. I love to walk into the kitchen in the morning and see his little I love you or Good morning beautiful notes. We love each other more every day and this is something I thought I would never have with anyone.

    • says

      awww….that is so nice to read Bev. :-) I actually had one of those on the kitchen counter this morning from the hubster that he left me before he went to work. Such a nice way to start the day indeed!
      Thanks for sharing!

  6. susan says

    this is a truly inspiring post and comments. i like to bring him home a little sweet when i am out so he knows im thinking of him (chocoholic)

  7. Erinn says

    I'm a tossing, turning, non-snuggling, body-pillow-using sleeper. So, we don't share sheets; in our king sized bed, we each have our own set of full sheets and comforter.

    Every night, he straightens my sheets, fluffs my pillows, and turns down the bed for me. It's SO nice to get into a made bed, and even nicer when you didn't have to make it!

  8. Jill Nystul says

    Awww…that is a WONDERFUL "little thing" when the hubster cleans up after dinner. I will COOK every meal…if someone else will clean up. :-)

  9. Anonymous says

    A few nights ago, my husband cleaned up after dinner while I sat at the table with our toddler as she finished up her own dinner. It was so nice not to have to that chore after cooking dinner.