Phenomenal Family Photographs!

Phenomenal family photos

I found this fun list online today…..50 Outstanding Examples of Family Photographs from

You really need to take a look at all 50! I can honestly say there wasn’t ONE PHOTO I didn’t like!

But I did have a few “favs” and I thought it would be fun to share them with you.

If you have a family photo session coming up…there’s plenty of inspiration here for you…and if you don’t…maybe it will inspire you to schedule one! :-)

So here they are….my TOP TEN favorite…in no particular order…except I saved my favorite,  FAVORITE for last.

Mom & Dad Share An “Inside Joke” 

Most people might think the frowning little boy on the right might “ruin” this picture…but I think it only ADDS to it’s adorableness!
Snow Casual. (Snow by Photoshop?)

This might be my second favorite, FAVORITE. :-)  Completely opposite of my first favorite, FAVORITE…but love it almost as much!  Reminds me of a beautiful covered bridge I see everyday on my way to work. :-)
The “JCrew” Crew

Not every family likes to “get back to nature” for their portraits…and there’s nothing wrong with that! Love the soft, muted colors and that everyone is somewhat dressy and barefoot (except Dad. Come on Dad…lighten up!) :-)
I’m Adorable And I Know It!

Can’t exactly call this a “family portrait” since only one member of the family is identifiable…but who can resist that cute little face and those cute little BOOTS! ;-)
Picture Perfect Pastels

Another “mystery family”, but what the heck, gorgeous colors and they’re at the beach! That’s enough for me!
A Bevy of Blonde Beauties…and Dad. :-)

And the Oscar for Best Costume Design goes to MOM! Nicely coordinated outfits! Dad seems perfectly content just to be along for the ride with his 5 beautiful “girls”.
5 Boys and 2 Girls! 

Great shot for a bunch of rambunctious boys! They look completely content and in their element. Sister seems to be calling for Mom to save her from them! ;-)  My daughter can relate to that. Perfect “pose” for this family.
Oh Yeah…Mom Has Finally Lost It!

Can’t help but smile at this Mom CRACKING UP in this picture! Even standing in a field of weeds…this family looks HAPPY! (Except maybe that little guy in the white shirt and tie. He looks like he is barely putting up with the whole situation.)   But that’s what makes this picture so great….no fake smiles here! This is real and unstaged.
The “Cute As A Button” Family!

The COLORS in this photograph are great! Nice choice of outfits. Good for you Dad for conceding to the pink gingham shirt!  My hats off to the photographer who thought of having this family lay down on a tablecloth in the middle of a parking lot in front of a puce green wall! Talk about VISION! Nicely done. (I made up the parking lot part. I’m sure it was a very nice driveway or something.)


And LAST BUT NOT LEAST… favorite, FAVORITE family photograph!!!
The perfect beach shot!
I admit…I’m prejudice towards anything beachy…but this photograph is something special.
Relaxed, casual, everyone looking like they are having a good time. Isn’t that what family is all about? :-)

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