Simple Valentine Cards For Kids

Printable Candy Boxes

When I was at the store today doing my typical Saturday afternoon grocery shopping…I noticed several Moms with their kids looking at the Valentine’s section….and it occurred to me….VALENTINE’S DAY IS IN TWO WEEKS!

Yikes!  How the heck did THAT happen???  This winter has been SO MILD that I think it has my internal calendar all messed up.

Seeing the Moms and kids searching for the perfect Valentine’s to hand out to friends and classmates jarred me back into reality AND reminded me of all of the creative Valentine ideas I had bookmarked on my computer “for future reference”.

I felt like going up to the Moms and telling them to put down those “Barbie” and “Spiderman” Valentine’s and check out my blog today instead. :-)

Bring on the candy hearts, chocolates bars and kisses, and let’s do this Valentine’s Day thing!

Wrapped in Love

Super Hero Valentines

Sweet Spot Hearts

On-a-Roll Scroll

Valentines Day Card, (Eye) I Love You Note Cards – set of four

Secret Agent Josephine Valentines cards!

Be Mine Freebie…

Starburst Candies Valentine Tag

Valentine’s Messages {Printables}

Sweetheart Valentine’s Day Cards

Zebra Valentine Card

well, wood you?

Heart-and-Lollipop Flowers

You Rock! (Valentine’s Cards)

Valentine’s Day DIY Gift

Folding Hearts Valentines

Secret Messages

Love Note

Cute, creative and NON-PERFORATED Valentine’s for kids is today’s…..

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