Tip for Teething Tyrants…I Mean Babies!

BONUS “ONE GOOD THING” TODAY….specially for my niece Tiffany who is dealing with a teething baby. (We know how challenging THAT can be!)

I found this on HowDoesShe.com and thought it was brilliant!

Tiffany…this one’s for you kid (and baby Chloe)! *kiss Chloe for me*


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  1. guidedogpup says

    We do something like this for teething puppies – dampen an old wash/dish cloth (worn homemade ones work really well), fold and freeze. Works like a charm – and we never had a puppy totally destroy one. They would probably like the applesauce but since guidedogs can't have people food,….sigh.

  2. Midnite Skys says

    I used that for my baby (she is all grown up now!!) plus frozen fruit too. Frozen banana slices strawberries, frozen juice in popsicle molds.. That girl would chew threw the plastic frozen toys in a heartbeat cause she never got just one tooth in at a time she get in 2 or 3…

  3. Jeana Rogers says

    My girls are all grown up, but I used to put pickle spears in the freezer to help with their teething. Their faces were priceless the first time they chewed on one, but they loved it!

    Love your website, I’ve been surfing & Pinning it most of the day!