Make Your Own Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cards and Lined Envelopes!

Did anyone else forget it was Valentine’s Day today besides me??????

I mean, I knew it was coming up….but for some reason thought it was not for a couple more days! So imagine my surprise when I walked by the calendar in our kitchen and saw that Valentine’s Day was indeed TODAY!

Even though I was startled by this realization…I was not concerned…because I already knew what I was going to give the kidlets and the hubster for Valentine’s…I just had to do a little printing and cutting. Very little.

So, if you are like me, and totally spaced that it was February 14th….do not despair…Jillee is here….with a quick and easy paper craft (you know how I love PAPER!!!) – how to make your own pretty lined envelopes.


Some super cute printable cards to put in them!

All you have to do is ADD CASH! :-) lol. Seriously though…that’s what I’ve always given my kids for Valentine’s Day…because that’s what my parents always gave us. I always thought it was cool as a kid to get cash on Valentine’s Day. It really was the only holiday/celebration of the year where it was given in lieu of gifts…and I looked forward to it. As a kid there’s always a certain thrill to opening an envelope and seeing the “green” peeking out from the card. Heck…what am I saying? It’s a thrill as an adult! ;-) Not that it happens much as an adult. *sigh*    I want to be a kid again!

OK…moving on. You are going to be amazed at how EASY this is…and how completely charming! Talk about transformations! Super inexpensive envelopes are suddenly transformed into custom stationery!

The only “materials” you’re going to need are: some envelopes; some printed paper; some glue or tape and some scissors!

I found an old box of Christmas cards that never got sent (imagine that!) and “stole” some from that.  I even made one using a plain old letter size, security envelope.

I didn’t even have any patterned paper (or at least any that was Valentine-y) so I got online and downloaded some free patterned/textured papers and just printed them out on my printer. (Just Google “free patterned Valentine papers” for more).

This idea was inspired by Mel at and is BY FAR the easiest, quickest method out there. (I’ve looked at a LOT of them!)

A) Cut patterned paper to fit inside your envelope.

B) Trim the patterned paper-along the flap shape.

C) Pull the patterned paper out & trim a bit off of the straight bottom. 

D) Put it back in the envelope.

E) Fold the flap over to get a nice fold.
F) Add adhesive to the back of the patterned paper flap.
G) Then simply press the flap down to finish it.

Finished product!

I even managed to make one of these homely security envelopes look cute with this method!

I had one LARGE envelope I wanted to line, but the paper was a tad too short.  No worries. Just shorten the portion that goes into the envelope. No one will ever know it doesn’t go all the way down. :-)

I made this larger envelope to hold a “very special” Valentine for the hubster that I found at Tickled Pink and printed off. And as soon as I’m done with this post, I’m going to trim it to fit the envelope and write some mushy stuff in it and seal it in the envelope.  Tada!   Instant Valentine! :-)

For the kidlets I found the perfect printable Valentine’s at Sweet Muffin Suite. I just made sure to trim them to fit the envelopes I made. EASY!

I’m pretty proud of these little homemade Valentine’s. Even though they will soon be ripped open and tossed aside (especially after the $$ is discovered!), I will still have the satisfaction of knowing I made them myself for little to no money but LOTS of love! 

Homemade Valentine cards and envelopes you can “make” in minutes is today’s…..

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  1. Lotti says

    They are so cute. I love nice stationary and I'm loving the stationary in this post. Thanks for sharing. I don't celebrate Valentine's day at all ….. I don't have a special man in my life unfortunately.

  2. Trish says

    This came at exactly the right time. I had made Valentine's Day cards at a Stampin'Up party and had purchased the envelopes in plain white. Following your directions, I found some pretty stationary, printed it, and lined the envelope … my husband loved that I'd made his by hand. Thanks!